Volunteer Hours for Teens: Success Stories from Families

Mar 25, 2014 | Blog, From Cozi Families

If your kids need to complete volunteer hours for middle school or high school, there’s no better place to get ideas than from families who have been through it already. That’s why we asked families on the Cozi Facebook page to share their volunteer ideas and success stories. Please add the list by sharing your owns ideas in the comments.

It’s required here for all four years of high school. My daughter has helped with some village improvement projects, volunteered to staff the concession stand to support different school projects, and loves to volunteer at the assisted living facility where I work. –Crystal D

Public libraries, senior centers, animal shelters and food banks. My daughter worked in a small branch of the library and LOVED it. My next one has been working at the food bank, and loves that. –Jennifer M

OCC Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes – work at local warehouse over month of November sorting boxes. (more information about Christmas Child Shoeboxes)–Mariah B

Youth Court is a fantastic National program usually run through the Dept of Health and Human Services. It is a diversion program for first time juvenile offenders. Volunteers act as lawyers for their cases. My daughter has done this monthly since 8th grade year. Excellent program for all involved! (more information about Youth Court)–Heather S

I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Ragan’s HOPE. We LOVE and encourage teen/kid volunteers! (more information about Ragans’ Hope)–Stacy P

Cleaning a more than century old cemetery for the local historical society. –Alicia H

The local nursing home is the best. The people love the kids and the kids gain a lifetime of experience they get nowhere else. –Andrea S

Tutoring is great plus working at a local agency that helps at risk youth –Dawn T

My son volunteered at a hospital as a greeter–did every Friday after school from 4pm – 7pm. Also, he was an assistant cello teacher with “Strings Attached” – teaching lower grade school kids how to play stringed instruments. –Siri K

The best experience hands down would be the local food bank. Have the kids volunteer for every facet, from gleaning crops that farmers will donate, to stocking shelves, repacking bulk items, making holiday baskets, to helping on “shopping” day. The kids will gain an appreciation for the entire operation. –Kathy K

Locally they work with senior living centers, Boys & Girls Club, Special Olympics, Adopt a Highway, Suicide Prevention programs and on the list goes. It is just part of their way of education and the times that my son has sat and played cribbage with World War I & II vets – priceless to him! –Marcy L

Walks and 5K runs. Not the walks and runs themselves, but to hand out water bottles, or man booths…our girl scout group painted hearts on people’s faces before an American Heart Association event. –Diana M

Find a local diaper bank and help sort diapers for them. –Barbi McNutt

We had to do this for graduation and my brother and I did Sub for Santa through the City Youth Council which we were involved in. (more information about Sub for Santa) –Brittany J

My son worked as a junior counselor at a summer camp for the last 2 years. This year he needs 15 hours for our church (5 each for home, church and community). He will do childcare at the church and at his old elementary school–Michelle M

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