How can I access my Cozi account?

Once you create a Cozi account, you can access it securely from any computer at my.cozi.com, or from your mobile devices via the Cozi iOS and Android apps. Just click on Sign In, and enter the email address you added to your account, along with the password you created. Note: You and any family members you add to your account will all share one password.

Can I use the same email address for more than one person in my account?

Yes, you can add the same email address for more than one family member in your account. If you do so, each person would use that address to sign in. Note: It’s only possible to include an email address in one account at a time, so while you could list the same email address multiple times in an account, you can’t list the same email address in more than one account at a time.

Which platforms and browsers can I use to access Cozi?

Cozi should work well on PCs or Macs. Recommended browsers include current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (11), Edge or Safari. Note: Cozi does not support beta versions of browsers, so please only use stable browser versions with Cozi. The Cozi iOS app requires iOS8 or higher, and the Cozi Android app requires version 2.1 or higher.

How do I include other people in my Cozi account?

With Cozi, everyone in your family (up to a maximum of 12) can use one account and sign into the account from any computer or mobile device they use. To add family members, sign into your account from Cozi on the web or from your Cozi mobile app, click Settings, and add names and email addresses. Once you enter names and email addresses for your family members, they will be able to access the account by signing in with their own email address and the shared password. Note: Once you’ve added family members, please let them know the email address you added for them, and let them know to sign in using that address. If they click on Sign Up instead of Sign In, and use a different address, they will accidentally create a separate account.

Does everyone in my account have access to all account data?

Cozi is designed to be a fully shared account between all included family members, so everyone you include in your account with an email address will have full access to view/add/edit/delete any data in your account. Cozi does not include permissions within an account that would restrict included family members from accessing certain data within the account.

How do I change my password?

To protect your security and privacy, Cozi doesn’t have access to your password and cannot change it for you. However, it’s easy to change the password yourself by visiting our password reset page. Enter your email address on this page. You will then receive an email from [email protected] which includes a link to a secure page where you can enter a new password. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, please check the Junk folder and Spam filter for your email account. Please change your password soon after you get the email from Cozi, as the reset link expires after 7 days. (If the link expires, you will simply need to start the process again.) Once you enter a new password, other members of the account will be notified by email that the password has been changed. Please give them the new password so they can sign in as well. Note: Cozi passwords are case-sensitive.

Calendar, Notifications, and Reminders

How do I enter appointments in Cozi?

There are two ways to enter appointments in Cozi. One way is via the appointment dialog box, and the other way is via natural language entry. To access the appointment dialog box, please click on the + symbol in the top right corner of the iOS or Android app, or double-click on a start date in Cozi on the web. With this type of entry, you can add reminders, locations, notes, etc. at the time the appointment is entered. To enter appointments using natural language entry, just type in your appointment information at the top of the calendar page. When using this approach, you would need to add reminders and other appointment details by editing the appointment after entry.

How will my appointment reminders be delivered?

Appointment reminders can be delivered by device notifications to iOS or Android devices, or via email. If a family member has the iOS or Android app installed and has device notifications turned on (the default), reminders will be sent by device notification. If a user does not have the iOS or Android app installed, or has device notifications turned off, that person will receive reminders by device notifications, or by email. Note: Email is the least reliable form of reminder delivery, since email providers may delay or stagger delivery of email from Cozi. To try to ensure reliable delivery of email from Cozi, please add [email protected] to your list of authorized senders.

How do I set up weekly agenda e-mails?

You can arrange to receive a weekly agenda e-mail from Cozi to remind you of your upcoming appointments for the week. The weekly agenda e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address every Sunday. To set up weekly agenda e-mails for you and your family members, please sign into your Cozi account from a computer, click on Settings/Email notifications and select recipients.

I’m set up to receive reminders by device notification to my Android device, but sometimes receive them by email instead or in addition to device notifications.

If you are set to receive appointment reminders by device notification to an Android device, but if you haven’t opened your Cozi app recently, Cozi will detect this and will send back-up reminders by email. If you or another family member would like to receive reminders from Cozi but won’t be opening the app frequently or at all, a different reminder delivery option would be recommended. Please contact Cozi customer support with the details of your situation for more information about recommended options.

How do I set up appointment reminders?

To set up appointment reminders, please use the appointment dialog box to enter your appointments, click on Remind, and select the timing of your reminder. One reminder per attendee per appointment can be selected in the free version of Cozi. In the Gold subscription version of Cozi, up to three reminders per attendee per appointment can be selected. If you want to add reminders to an existing appointment, please click on the appointment to open it, and then add your reminder(s).

Can I receive reminders for appointments if I’m not added as an attendee?

Only appointment attendees can receive appointment reminders. If you would like to receive reminders for appointments for your other family members, you would need to add yourself as an attendee.

I am receiving reminders by device notification to my iOS device, but sometimes don’t notice them. How can I make them more noticeable?

When the Cozi iOS app is installed, device notifications are automatically turned on, and the Banner style is automatically selected. This type of device notification will be dismissed automatically to your iOS Notification Center, possibly before you notice it. To make your device notifications more noticeable, please change the device notification style by opening the iOS Settings icon, clicking on Notifications/Cozi and selecting the Alert style instead of the Banner style.

Can I use Cozi with my existing calendar program?

Yes, Cozi can be used with other popular calendar programs, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar. Here’s how to set up a read-only feed of appointments to or from Cozi.

Family Setup

I can’t add my family member’s email address.

If you are trying to add a family member’s email address but you receive the message that the address is already in an account, it’s possible that the family member is already included in a different Cozi account or inadvertently created a separate Cozi account before you were able to add him to your account. In this case, please contact Cozi customer support for help with resolving this problem. Please include the email address you use in your Cozi account and the email address you’re trying to add to the account.

My family members are receiving my reminders by mistake.

If your family members are receiving your reminders, please ask them to open the Cozi app on their devices, click on Settings in the app, and confirm which family member is selected as the Device User. The person selected should be the person who is using that device.

My family members can’t see the data I’m adding to the account, and I can’t see their data.

If you and your family members are not seeing each other’s data, it’s possible that you’re accessing separate accounts, rather than the same account. To resolve this, please contact Cozi customer support, and please provide any email addresses that you and your family members are using in Cozi. To confirm the email address you’re using in your Cozi app, please open the app, click on Settings and tap on your name. Please ask your family members to do the same, and provide all information to Cozi customer support to help you to resolve this problem.

Cozi Apps

If I delete my Cozi app will my data be deleted?

No, deleting your Cozi iOS or Android app will not delete your Cozi data, since it’s stored on our secure servers, rather than on the app itself. As long as you use the same email address to sign into your existing account from your newly downloaded app, you will access your existing account and all your existing data will load to your new phone app.

I just got a new device, but don’t see my data in my new app.

If you downloaded the Cozi app to your new device but don’t see your expected data, it’s possible that you created a new account rather than signing into your existing account. This could happen if you click on Sign Up rather than Sign In, and if you then enter a different email address than the one included in your original account. To resolve this, please contact Cozi customer support. In your message, please include all possible email addresses you may have used in your original Cozi account, and please confirm the email address you’re currently using to sign in by opening the app and tapping on your name.

I’m having trouble with my Cozi app.

Many app issues can be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the app. This process won’t negatively impact your Cozi data, since it’s stored on our secure servers rather than just on the app itself. When you download the app again, please click on Sign In and enter the email address you use in Cozi, along with the account password. If deleting and reinstalling the Cozi app doesn’t resolve the problem you’re experiencing, please contact Cozi customer support, and please provide details about the problem that’s occurring.

I have a new phone. How can I access my Cozi account from my new device?

You can access your Cozi account from any computer, or from any iOS or Android device. If you have a new phone, just download the Cozi iOS or Android app to your new device, click on Sign In, enter the email address that’s included in your Cozi account, along with the shared password. Once you sign in, your existing data will all load to your new device.


Is Cozi free?

Cozi offers a free version and a subscription version. When you create a new Cozi account or download the Cozi app, you’ll automatically be using the free version of Cozi, which includes most Cozi features and is supported by ads and sponsors. If you would prefer not to see ads and would like access to additional features, you could subscribe to Cozi Gold (one subscription applies to all family members in an account) from Cozi on the web or from your Cozi iOS or Android app as an in-app purchase. A two-week free trial of Cozi Gold is available from Cozi on the web. For more information about the different versions of Cozi, please see this page.
Note: If you choose to receive text messages from Cozi, your mobile phone provider may charge you the standard rate for any text messages you send from Cozi, whether you are using the free version of Cozi or the Gold subscription version.

How do I delete my Cozi account?

If you want to delete an account, please visit Cozi’s account deletion page and confirm your email address and shared family password. Once an account is deleted, all data for everyone included in the account will be permanently erased, and cannot be recovered.

I need more help!

Please feel free to contact the Cozi customer support team for any additional questions. Please include the email address you use in your Cozi account in your email to support so that the support team can locate your account and answer your specific questions. Note: Cozi doesn’t offer phone support, but will reply as quickly as possible to all incoming email messages.

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