Mobile Month View Gets a Makeover!

May 7, 2024 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

We’re excited to bring you a redesigned Mobile Month View to help you see who’s attending an event and to improve how you view, edit, and add events.

After speaking with many Cozi families, and collecting lots of your feedback, we’ve built the new Mobile Month View to help you plan with ease.  

Mobile Month View improvements are on iOS for Cozi Gold subscribers and coming soon to Android. To view the new Mobile Month View, please make sure you have the latest version of the Cozi app installed.

To upgrade to Cozi Gold, or to view and compare features, visit your settings.

Check out the color-coded Calendar

The Month View now has color coding! When you tap Month, you’ll see the color-coded dots of your family members to represent who is attending an event. Here’s how it works:  

    • Just one family member: The event is their color. 
    • More than one family member: The event will show the color dots of the first two attendees, and then you’ll see a + if there are more.
    • All family members: The event will show the color assigned to All.

You can see up to four events per day at a glance.

If you have more than four events in a day, you’ll see three small blue dots at the bottom of the day, indicating that there are more events on that day. Tap on the individual day to pull up the rest. 

Easily dive into a single day

In the new Mobile Month View, you can bring up a specific day just by tapping on that day. You’ll see a half screen pop up to show you all the events of that day. You can scroll to see all the events.  

View birthdays

If you tap into a specific day, and there’s a birthday that day, it‘ll be the first thing you see. You’ll know who it is by the color-coding: If it’s someone in the account, it’s shaded the color of their dot. If the birthday is celebrated by a family member or friend who’s not in your Cozi account, you’ll see this section shaded blue.  



View meals

If you have a meal in your calendar, you’ll see a section at the top of this half screen titled Meals. You can tap this to pull up all the meals you’ve added (Breakfast, Lunch, and/or Dinner.) Tap on the meal to bring it up in Recipes (and don’t forget to choose the Screen On icon while you’re cooking!). 



Edit and add events from Month View

With the new Mobile Month View you can edit your events from this screen with ease. Once you tap on a day, you can tap on any event to modify it. Once you tap on it, you can: 

    • Copy the event. Let’s say you’re going to barre class this Saturday and next. Just tap on the icon of the two sheets to duplicate this event. 
    • Delete the event: Decided not to go? Tap the trash can to delete this event. 
    • Edit the event: Tap the rectangle with a pencil to open the event and change any of its details, such as attendees, reminders, location, and timing.

You can also tap on a day and add an event from the half screen that pops up, either using Add Event or SmartAdd.  

Improvements to filtering 

You can filter by family member, and Cozi will show any event where that person is an attendee. To help you know what view you’re seeing, you’ll notice a small bar at the bottom that tells you whose schedule you’re filtering by.  

Within the filter, you can click on a day to see just the events the filtered family member is attending.  

Tap the X to go back to a view of the month that includes all family member events. 


Don’t miss these additional upgrades

We’ve given your Mobile Month View a little more space to breathe! You’ll see spacing in between months so you can more clearly distinguish between them. 

You might notice you’ll squint less; we’ve made the text larger so it’s easier to read.  

Never lose your place again: When you use the month picker at the top to view a month, no matter what date you choose, you’ll be oriented to the first week of the month so you can see the whole month on your screen.  

Finally, check it out on iPad! The new Mobile Month View is compatible with your iPad, so you can see all these feature improvements on a bigger screen, too. 

We hope you enjoy this improved view and as always, happy planning!


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