Organize Your Cozi Lists with Section Headings

Apr 16, 2024 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

Lists are a quick and simple way to declutter your mind. They take a little pressure off your memory and free up brain space.

But sometimes lists are messy jumbles, and just looking at one can be overwhelming. 

Did you know you can create section headings in Cozi Lists? It’s one way to make your lists even more organized. A list with headings is tidy, digestible, and easy to grasp at a glance.

And now, with section headings, you can add new items directly under the headings instead of at the top of the list (no more dragging and dropping your new items!)  

What are section headings?

In Cozi, you can use headings to create categories in any list. They’re available on your iOS or Android app as well as Cozi on the web.  

This useful feature works with both Shopping and To Do Lists. 

Why create section headings within a list?

Image of grocery list with headings grouped by item type

When you’re in the kitchen making your grocery list, you might add buttermilk, lemons, and tomato sauce. But if you’ve already created a section heading for PACKAGED, you can add tomato sauce using the new + sign right next to your PACKAGED section heading, lemons under PRODUCE, and buttermilk under DAIRY.

Then, when you’re in the produce section of the grocery store, you don’t need to scan your whole list, searching for the grapes and radishes hidden between the rice and deodorant. Instead, just look under the PRODUCE section heading.  

Check each item on your list as you get to each section in the store. You’ll be out of the store before family game night starts, with plenty of time to switch the laundry first. 

Or you could track all the stuff you need for after-school activities. Johnny’s baseball equipment on Tuesday and Nia’s karate uniform on Thursday—just create one list with sections for each day of the week. Need to remember Johnny’s flute on Monday? Just tap the + to add it to under the MONDAY section heading. 

 Every day, as you get ready in the morning, you can easily check off each item as you pack the car. No more stressing about forgotten library books. 



How to use section headings in a list

On the web: 

When you navigate to Lists, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen, and then select Add Section. Then, name your section. To add items within a section, tap on the + next to the section to insert an item directly under the correct heading.  

On iOS and Android: 

Navigate to Lists by tapping the Lists icon at the bottom of your Home screen. Choose either the Shopping tab or the To Do tab. After you create and name your list, use ALL CAPS to create a heading. Once you’ve created headings, add new items directly under the header by tapping the + in the header bar.

Happy list-making!

Lists simplify life, and Cozi simplifies lists. No more disorganized jumbles, sloppy penmanship, oily smudges, or left-behind papers. With endless digital lists that have clear section headings, you can organize your life—or at least your shopping and to-do lists.  

If you need any help, reach out to customer support – we’re happy to help!


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