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Top Frequently Asked Questions

I just set up a Cozi account. How do I include other people in my account?

With Cozi, everyone in your family can use one account. To add family members, click Settings, then click General Information About Your Household. Once you enter every family member’s name and email address in your household information, they will be able to access the account by signing in with their own email address and the shared password. You can all now begin sharing information and coordinating schedules. To receive updates, reminders, and view your Cozi information on-the-go, use our iPhone or Android application on your mobile phone or tablet.

How do I add appointments to Cozi?

You can add an appointment to the family calendar by doing one of the following:

  • Type an appointment directly in the text box at the top of the calendar.
  • You can quickly enter an appointment using your own words. Type the appointment the way you would describe it in everyday language; for example, “Lunch, 12:00 tomorrow”. Cozi identifies the date and time of the appointment and puts it in the right place in the family calendar. If you don’t specify a name, the appointment applies to All, and will show up on each member’s schedule. Here are some more examples of “everyday language”:
    • Ann: Tue 2:00 Meeting with realtor
    • Ann/John: Dinner out Friday at 8pm
    • Kate and Henry: Swimming Saturdays 10-12 until September
    • Kate: Preschool 9-12 every weekday ending August 20
    • Basketball practice 3:00-5:00 every Tuesday and Thursday
    • John’s birthday every December 7
    • Book group Sundays at 5:00 pm ending after 6 times
    • Math test first Monday of each month
  • Go to the day you want using the Go To tab at the top of the calendar or by using the mini-calendar (visible on larger monitors), and then double-click that day. In the window that appears, enter as much information as you want, and then click Save.

Once you’ve created an appointment, you can change it by clicking it to open the editing window. For recurring appointments, you can make changes to all future appointments at once by clicking Save then All dates going forward. Or, to change an individual appointment in a sequence, click Save then This date only.

How do I set up weekly agenda emails?

Cozi offers daily and weekly agenda emails. To turn on daily and/or weekly agenda emails from your Cozi mobile app, go to the account settings page, tap on the name of the family member and check the boxes for daily and/or weekly agenda emails.To turn on daily and/or weekly agenda emails from the web version of Cozi, click on Settings in the left-side menu, click on Email notifications and choose daily and/or weekly agenda emails for each person. Note: To try to ensure that your email provider delivers your requested emails from Cozi, please add Cozi as an authorized contact/sender, with the address

How do I change my password?

To protect your security and privacy, Cozi doesn’t have access to your password and cannot change it for you. However, it’s easy to change the password yourself by visiting our password reset page. Enter your email address on this page. You will then receive an email from which includes a link to a secure page where you can enter a new password. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, please check the Junk folder and Spam filter for your email account. Please change your password soon after you get the email from Cozi, as the reset link expires after 7 days. (If the link expires, you will simply need to start the process again.) Once you enter a new password, other members of the account will be notified by email that the password has been changed. Please give them the new password so they can sign in as well. Note: your family’s shared password is case-sensitive.

How can Cozi be free?

Cozi partners with select sponsors and advertisers to provide our services to busy families for free. We work with these companies to provide relevant offers and products to improve and simplify your busy life. Cozi also offers a subscription version, Cozi Gold, that doesn’t include ads.

How do I delete my Cozi account?

If you want to delete an account, please visit Cozi’s account deletion page and confirm your email address and shared family password. Once an account is deleted, all data for everyone included in the account will be permanently erased, and cannot be recovered.

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