How to Enable Notifications from Cozi

Device notifications are the best, most reliable way to get updates from Cozi. We recommend that each person on your Cozi account has these turned on to help them stay up to date with your family calendar. 

Cozi will send event reminders and notifications by device notification. (If you’re a Cozi Gold subscriber, you’ll also receive notifications for changed events.) To receive device notifications, each family member needs to have the Cozi mobile app installed, and device notifications enabled. 

To enable device notifications from Cozi, turn on notifications in Cozi Settings and make sure notifications from Cozi are enabled in your device Settings. These are two separate steps: 

Notifications from Cozi
Turn on notifications in Cozi Settings

Notification Settings are managed separately for each family member. Go to Cozi Settings, choose a family member, then check ‘on device’ for both reminders and notifications. (These settings will be on by default when you install Cozi and for each added family member.)

Turn on notifications for Cozi in your device Settings

For instructions on how to turn on notifications for mobile apps, visit the help pages for Apple or Google Play. 


How to turn on device notifications in your Cozi mobile app for iOS:



Step 1: From the Cozi app, tap Family in the bottom right, then tap Settings.

Step 2: Choose the family member you want to receive device notifications.

Step 3: Check “on device” under Notification Settings where available.

How to turn on device notifications in your Cozi mobile app for Android:



Step 1: On the Cozi home screen, tap the hamburger menu to find Settings. 

Step 2: Tap Settings to bring up the family members on the account.

Step 3: Choose the family member to receive device notifications.

 Step 4: Check “on device” under Notifications Settings where available.

Need more help enabling device notifications?

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