Start the New Year by Solving These 5 Problems with Cozi

Jan 9, 2024 | Blog

It’s the new year. Are you ready to start fresh with a new approach to family organization—or get back on track with an efficient routine?

Cozi keeps everyone organized so the family can function smoothly. To make these solutions work, you’ll want to add your family members to Cozi first! Then they can receive alerts about new events, get notifications about upcoming events, collaborate on lists, and more. 

1. Running Late?

If your family tends to run late, Cozi can keep everyone on time. When everyone has plenty of heads up about an event, and they receive a reminder when their event is coming up, it’s easier to get ready and get there in plenty of time. If you have Cozi Gold, you can set up to three reminders per event. 

2. Feeling Frustrated?

If your family feels frustrated about miscommunications around the schedule, Cozi will keep everyone on the same page. Using a centralized family calendar is a game-changer. No more, “But I told you about the party last week!” Whenever someone has a new event, they can just pop it in Cozi and select who should be notified. (Reminder: That only works if everyone is added to Cozi.)  

When you create an event, Cozi can remind your family so you don’t have to. You can even set up agenda emails that tell everyone what’s coming up that week. Just a quick glance at a single email, and everyone will be in the know. 

No surprises and no confusion. No more dropping the ball or feeling like someone let you down. Just a family in sync, on time, and working together seamlessly. 

3. Wandering the grocery store?

If you keep leaving your shopping list at home, Cozi can make this a thing of the past (goodbye, 2023!). No more turning the car around, missing other people’s additions, or aimlessly wandering the store hoping the granola will trigger your memory. Cozi’s list feature can keep you coordinated.

With a digital shopping list, you’ll never leave it at home, and you’ll always know what you’re looking for. You and your family can collaborate from anywhere. 

4. Panicking about dinner?

If you’re tired of that moment of panic when you realize you forgot to plan dinner on a busy day, Cozi can simplify busy mealtimes. The app features quick and easy recipes—and you can add them directly to the calendar. Then you can see at a glance that Chicken Curry in a Hurry is slated for Wednesday night.

It’s meal planning with just a tap. You can even add the ingredients to your shopping list with another quick tap. 

5. Trying to keep too much in your head?

If you’re exhausted by juggling 27 mental lists, try jotting them all down on Cozi. Organize your shopping list by sections of the grocery store (use all caps to make section headings). Organize all your to-do’s in one place so you can prioritize. Or set up your kid on Cozi so they can keep track of their own chores independently. 

It’s amazing what a mental relief it can be to just see your tasks written down in a tidy format. It eliminates one of the toughest tasks of all—remembering everything! 

Considering Cozi Gold?


If you’re thinking about Cozi Gold, here are some differences between the free and Gold plans. Please contact Cozi support if you have any questions! 

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