Add your Children’s Classroom Calendars to Cozi

Aug 26, 2020 | Blog

As families across the world are experiencing a very different type of Back to School, we’ve got a trick to help you manage schooling virtually, in person or a little bit of both.

If your child’s classroom app has a calendar feed with a read only ical link you can add it to your Cozi Calendar so that you can see your child’s daily class schedule. Help your kids manage meeting times and due dates, plus see real time changes made to the schedule!

We’ve tested these apps to ensure they integrate with Cozi


If you’re using another platform that has a calendar function, ask the app if they have an iCal link you can add to your Cozi.


Get the whole family’s calendars in Cozi, so you never miss a beat!

Find out how to integrate your calendars with Cozi in Using Cozi with Other Calendars. Also hear from other parents who are using this feature to manage their daily lives in our blog, 3 Reasons You Should Add Classroom Calendars To Cozi.



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