A Letter to Cozi Families from Robbie Cape About the Time Inc. Acquisition

Jun 6, 2014 | Blog, News

Update: Thank you to all the Cozi customers who have shared their thoughts about the Time Inc. acquisition. We want to reiterate that Cozi will continue as you know it. Although other technology acquisitions may stop offering/supporting a service post-acquisition, this is absolutely NOT the case here. As for Cozi Gold, our premium ad-free product, it will also continue as you know it today. We are very excited about the improvements we will be making to Cozi post-acquisition and about what we are now able to accomplish!

From Robbie Cape, our CEO and Co-founder: “Nothing about Cozi, as you know it, will change, except for the better as we continue to invest in the product and the platform. Delighting families with our products and experiences will continue to be our primary focus.”

Dear Cozi families,

Today is an exciting day for Cozi and marks a major milestone in our growth. I wanted to personally share the news with you the moment I possibly could: Cozi has been acquired by one of the largest media companies in the world, Time Inc.

When we launched Cozi in 2005, we had a vision for creating technology that brings families together. Now more than ever, we are positioned to realize that vision. Cozi’s expertise in the mobile and family technology space coupled with Time Inc.’s incredible brands, content, and reach – we could not imagine a better fit.

What does this mean for you?

The Cozi service you love and rely on will continue as you know it today.

Cozi will remain a stand-alone brand as part of Time Inc.’s portfolio and we will continue to be based in Seattle, WA. What you will see over time is growth in our existing product line as we work closely with Time Inc. Their content – from Real Simple, Cooking Light and Southern Living to Sports Illustrated, People magazine and more – naturally lends itself to new product offerings built upon and extended by Cozi’s technology.

Thank you for being a Cozi customer. We are excited about the years ahead and continuing to bring you the tools that simplify everyday life, ease communication and connect busy families.

Kind regards,

Robbie Signature

Robbie Cape
CEO and Co-founder, Cozi Inc.

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