How to Use Cozi with Google Calendar

One of the most popular questions we get on Facebook and Twitter is this: "Can I sync Cozi with Google Calendar?"

The answer is that although you cannot sync at this time, you CAN do a few other things that will help you use Cozi and Google together:

1. You can import appointments from a Google calendar into Cozi. This is a great way to move your appointments from Google to Cozi so you can view, edit and manage them in Cozi going forward. (Changes you make in Cozi to the imported appointments won't update the Google calendar.)

Import Google Calendar Into Cozi

Learn more about how to import your Google calendar into Cozi.

2. You can add a read-only feed of your Google calendar into Cozi so you can view the Google appointments in Cozi. (Editing the appointments in Cozi is not possible when you import a read-only feed). This works well for people who will continue to use the Google calendar, i.e., a spouse's work calendar, but the family would benefit from seeing those appointments in Cozi. After importing the feed, changes made to the Google calendar will appear in Cozi.

Import Google Calendar Feed

Learn more about how to view Google calendar appointments in Cozi.

3. You can share a read-only feed of your Cozi calendar to Google or any other digital calendar such as Outlook or iCal. (Editing the appointments in the other calendar is not possible when you export a read-only feed). This works well for people who want to view Cozi appointments from another calendar they use.

Export Cozi Calendar to Share with Others

Learn more about how to share a read-only view of your Cozi appointments.

Questions about using Cozi with Google Calendar? Leave them in the comments below.