New Uses For… School Supplies

Aug 20, 2017 | Add to Cozi

The September issue of Real Simple Magazine has a few “Aha!” ideas to put those stray school supplies to use around the house. Here’s the list, which you can add to Cozi so the ideas are always handy.


New Uses For School Supplies

  • Set a ruler upright in the soil of a potted plant
  • Kids will have fun using a ruler to track a plant’s growth from seedling to adult
  • Label the blank side with the plant’s name
  • Also stakes plants that need sup- port, like tomatoes
  • Rub the tip of a pencil on a stubborn key’s teeth
  • The graphite greases the metal, allowing the key to turn more easily
  • Works well on difficult zippers, too
  • Crooked frame? Help it grip the wall by gluing a couple of small erasers to the lower backside corners
  • Use scissors to snip the rubber tops off old pencils

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