How to Use Cozi with iCal and iCloud

Nov 12, 2014 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

Very often we get inquiries about how to sync Cozi with Apple’s iCal Calendar. Here’s the scoop:

You cannot perform a full two-way sync of Cozi with an iCal at this time, however, you can share data between the two calendars using a computer (not a mobile device). By share, I mean you can do two things:

  • You can share a read-only feed of your iCal data to Cozi using iCloud.
  • You can export a read-only feed of your Cozi data to an iCal. Only appointments created in Cozi will show up, so if you have imported calendars (like holidays or pro sports teams) into Cozi they will not show in the exported feed.

To Share an iCal to Cozi

1. Using your web browser on a computer, sign into your Apple iCloud account at

2. Click on your Apple Calendar

3. Click to the right of the calendar you’d like to share, select Public Calendar

4. Select and copy the link URL for the calendar feed

5. Open your browser from a computer and log in to Cozi, then add the iCal:

– Go to your calendar
– Click Set up (upper right)
– Click Activity Schedules/Internet Calendars
– Scroll down and click Add an Internet Calendar
– Paste the URL into the box provided
– Click Done

That should do it! Your iCal data will now be shared via iCloud directly into Cozi.

Note: This is a read-only feed, so you will not get reminders via Cozi, nor will you be able to edit these appointments in Cozi. For those things, you will need to go back to the original iCal.

To Share Your Cozi Calendar with an iCal

1. You will NOT need iCloud to do this

2. Open your Cozi calendar (on a computer)

3. Click Set up

4. Click Share appointments

5. Click Send URL (in blue) beside the calendar you want to share (if you don’t see this link, click on the words Not Shared and it will change to allow you to share)

6. Send an email to yourself (or whomever you wish to share with)

7. When the email arrives, follow the steps to import the feed from Cozi into your iCal

That’s it!

Note: Sometimes, when you delete an appointment in Cozi, it will still show up in iCal. This is a bug in the Apple product, so unfortunately we do not have a fix at this time.

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