End-of-Summer Family Traditions

The great thing about family traditions is that they don’t need to be elaborate to create lasting memories. The transition from summer to school is a big one for kids, and it’s the perfect time to start a simple new tradition.

Here are a few ideas for end-of-summer traditions from families:

Run Errands and Have a Fun Dinner

“On the last day of summer, the kids get haircuts then we go out to dinner and then have froyo afterwards as a special treat.”

Prepare a Special Breakfast

French toast, waffles, sausage, whatever they love!

Camp at a Favorite Spot

“My dad and I used to go on a camping trip to the same beach the weekend before school started.”

Record Milestones

“The day before school starts, my daughter picks a special dinner. We also measure her height and mark it on the wall.”

Ice Cream

This very popular tradition is also very easy!
“We go out for ice cream the night before school starts. It gives us the chance to talk about any questions or worries that they have for the following day.”

Year-by-Year Pictures

“I usually take the kids for haircuts, maybe a hair dye job they like to start out with something different new in the school year. Then the first day of school I take a picture with this one chalkboard that was the day of the year, the schools they are going to, whether it’s the first or last day of school, and what grade.”

Go on a Playground Crawl

“When my kids were younger I sometimes took them on a “playground crawl.” Kinda like a bar crawl, lol, except no alcohol and we went to all the playgrounds in our town and a few surrounding. We would spend 20-30 minutes at each place and then go for ice cream. Really fun!”

Attend a Local Event

“Minnesota State Fair!”
“We always go to a King’s Island, a local amusement park, as a family.”
“Our kids start school after Labor Day so we always attend a yearly music festival held on Labor Day weekend.”

Choose a Family Motto for the School Year

Why not pick a theme to represent the year? Here’s a list of family mottos to seed your own brainstorm session.


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