8 Reasons to Add Your Pet to Cozi

May 3, 2023 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

Dog with color-coded Cozi dot to easily see pet's schedule

We know that your furry (or not so furry) friends truly are a part of your family. In fact, many Cozi families manage their pets’ busy lives in the app, from veterinarian visits to grooming to doggie day care payments.

In honor of those of you out there with pet tarantulas (we salute your lack of arachnophobia), here are 8 great reasons to use Cozi to manage your busy pet! Plus, a member spotlight on a very special fur-kid that recently shared with us all the ways he uses Cozi. 

Add your pet as a Family Member to easily see their events 

Our favorite tip by far is to give your pet a colored dot of their own. Each time you add an event, appointment, or any of the items from the tips below, assign it to your pet so that you can easily see at-a-glance what’s coming up just for them.

This is helpful if you need to assign your partner to do Fido’s doggie daycare drop off—both he and Fido can be assigned to the event. This will also help you if you’re looking to see just your pet’s upcoming events: Use the Filter feature to see just Fido’s busy schedule.  

Track vet appointments, boarding/pet sitter reservations, or play dates 

Each time your pet has an upcoming appointment—just like your own doctor’s appointment would make it on the calendar—add their nail trims, grooming, or training to the calendar.

Track events like daily walks and weekly cage cleaning  

If you’re managing a pet’s medication or need to remember something for a smaller furry friend (cleaning the hamster cage, anyone?) set up a recurring event. Then you won’t forget that Sunday is the day Herman the Hamster gets fresh new wood shavings or Gary the Goldfish gets his tank cleaned on Saturdays.

This is also a great way to assign Buster’s morning walk to alternating family members, so they know who’s on point. You can even set up a reminder for that walk. (And if you think they need more than a single nudge, a Cozi Gold subscription will give you up to three reminders per event!)  

Keep on top of short- or long-term pet medications 

If you’re caring for a sick pet or one that needs a recurring medication dosage, set up a series with a date and time reminder so you won’t forget that monthly flea medicine or a daily vitamin.

Manage pet vaccinations and insurance records 

Each time your pet gets a shot, add an event in Cozi and assign it them, such as “Rabies vaccine.” This way, if you need to pull up a record of up-to-date vaccinations you can easily pull up a list by using the Filter (if you’ve made your pet a family member) or by searching for “vaccine.” Since shots range from yearly to once every few years, depending on the animal, these can be hard to remember—so let Cozi do the work for you.

Consider using Cozi to manage pet insurance claims and payments as well: If you need to track payment dates and claims for a pet veterinarian or hospital visit, you can add an event, include details in the name of the event or notes, and assign it to your pet so you have a record.  

Add their birthday or adoption date 

Just like any family member, you’ll want to remember your pet’s birthday or the day you celebrate bringing them into your family. Birthdays is a Cozi Gold feature to help you track and get reminders for as many birthdays as you’d like! 

Keep a list of regular pet chores, like filling the water bowl or washing their bed 

Give your pet their own To-Do List and share it with the family. The list could include things like going for a daily walk, filling food and water bowls, or adding food to the fish tank. With shared To-Do Lists, you can check something off that’s been done and others who are shared on the list will see it too.  

Set up a shopping list just for your pet 

If you have special foods or ingredients you need to remember, set up a dedicated shopping list. Give it a name that’s easy to recognize, share it with family members, and add items as you need them. When you’ve picked up the items, check them off so the rest of the family can see you’ve already picked up crickets to drop into Iggy Iguana’s cage. 

Member Spotlight: Muppet

We recently shared tips on how Cozi can help if you and/or a family member is neurodivergent or has a disability and so many Cozi families let us know how much they appreciated this content. In fact, we learned that even pets can benefit from Cozi’s unique ability to help neurodivergent family members. Muppet, an adorable and energetic border collie, and his human mom, Sue, shared how Cozi helps keep them on track.

My border collie, Muppet, is listed as a family member. He has a human Mom with severe ADD. Cozi helps Mom (me!) to keep track of his monthly flea meds, organizing his playdates and trick dog video shoots, grooming and much much more.

I use Cozi for keeping track of his monthly flea meds (and keep notes of what he was given that month as it can differ), upcoming deadlines for his video submissions for title, etc and other important dates. Cozi not only keeps track of the dates but the “notes” feature is absolutely critical. And on the rare occasions that he is being treated for an illness, I record on Cozi the med details (brand, amount, etc ) that are given for X days… it is details like that that can help out our daily lives.

- Sue White, Kailua, Hawaii (Photo credit: Sue White)

Looking for more inspiration? Hear from Cozi families about their favorite ways to use Cozi to manage their busy pets: Pets of Cozi from Cozi Families


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