Ways to Use Cozi

Are you getting the most out of Cozi? Have you discovered all the cool ways Cozi can help simplify your family life? Here are hundreds of ways to use Cozi. You can save time, have fun, and get on with things.

Parenting & Kids: Get everyone on the same page

Ways to use Cozi for Parents and Kids





What’s your favorite color? Letting kids pick calendar colors is a fun way to get them involved in the family schedule.

Routine checkups are easy to forget. Record your kids’ doctor and dentist appointments in the calendar (and don’t forget to floss!).

When it comes to lunch, kids can be picky. Have them create lists of their favorite items to make sure they never suffer through the yucky stuff again.

Are you going to the big game? What big game, you say? Keeping track of sports and other extracurricular activities is easy with an online calendar. You can even set appointment reminders.

Get involved in your kids’ homework by creating a checklist for them. They’ll thank you… eventually.

Be safe—create a list just for emergency contact numbers.

Add a tab for your child care provider to stay on top of their vacation days.

Do you have joint custody of one or more children? Use Cozi to coordinate your households’ schedules and take the guesswork out of being great parents.

Get kids excited about back-to-school by helping them create a shopping list of all the cool clothes and school supplies they’ll need.

Kids say the darndest things! Jot down a moment in your family journal to remember those moments you don’t want to forget.

Kids’ parties have a way of sneaking up. Schedule appointments to buy gifts well ahead of time.

Kids always know how many days remain until a major holiday. Let them enter their days off from school on the family calendar.

Who’s going to summer camp? Schedule the dates the kids will be making ‘smores and telling ghost stories around the campfire.

Kids keep a running list of things they want for their birthdays in their heads. Create a list of who wants what, and don’t forget the gift wrap.

Chores getting you down? Make them more manageable by tracking them in Cozi lists.

Home Sweet Home: Cozi helps you get things done

Ways to use Cozi at Home





Entering appointments is easy—just use everyday language like “French lessons every Thursday at 7pm”.

Lists rule. Use Cozi to keep track of your to do list as well as your shopping list and grocery items.

When was the last time you had the gutters cleaned? What about shampooing the carpets? To keep track of these and other glamorous chores, just add them as appointments on your calendar.

Don’t rely on that little sticker on your windshield—let Cozi appointment reminders tell you when to schedule your car’s next oil change.

Your plants could use some TLC. Schedule a recurring appointment to water them and give them the care they need.

Be sure to enter all your recurring appointments—it’s one less thing you’ll have to remember.

In your Cozi account settings, add a household member named “Bills” to keep track of what is due and when.

Caring for older members of the family? Create a separate Cozi account to help keep their affairs in order.

Keep your family in the loop by emailing them weekly agendas or send them an update anytime.

On the Go: A mobile access solution for everyone

Ways to use Cozi on the go





You or any family member can view your shopping lists while at the store from our mobile apps or from any mobile browser.

Did you know that you can view your lists on your mobile phone with one of our apps? Now it’s a cinch to keep track of your to do list when you’re on the move.

Not sure what’s happening today? View the day’s schedule on your mobile phone or from any web browser.

Heading out the door? Cozi’s printable calendar makes for easy reference.

Stay on top of your kids’ schedules from wherever you are. Sign in to your Cozi account from any computer or mobile phone with Internet access.

Dinner is ready: Family meal planning with Cozi

Ways to use Cozi for Meals





Families revolve around the kitchen, whether it’s for meals, snacks, or quick talks. Make Cozi part of your family’s hub and keep it accessible on a kitchen laptop. Adding to your shopping lists and family calendar is a snap with Cozi close at hand.

Meal planning has never been easier! Enter what you’re making for dinner as an appointment. Don’t know what to make? Just refer to previous weeks for ideas.

Keep track of the brands you rely on in your grocery lists. This way, when someone else is doing the shopping, they’ll buy exactly what you need.

When you’re done with an item on your list, just use the check mark button to cross it off. Need to reinstate the item? Just check it again.

Create a shopping list of the ingredients in your favorite recipes for easy remote access.

Someone on their way home from work? They can view their list right from the store from one of our mobile apps or any mobile browser via m.cozi.com.

Every family has a repertoire of recipes. What are yours? To ease meal planning woes, keep a running list of all the yummy meals your family loves to eat.

Make trips to the grocery store more efficient by listing the items you need under the section of the store where they’re located (i.e., Produce, Meat, Bulk Foods).

Use Cozi’s recipe search to get the perfect chocolate cake recipe. Add the items to your grocery list so you know exactly what you need.

Family Fun: Managing busy family life with Cozi

Ways to use Cozi for Family Fun





Personalize your home page with a favorite family photo that melts your heart.

Get your family’s attention by posting month or week views of printed calendars in places they’re bound to see them—the front door, the hallway, their foreheads.

Never forget another birthday or anniversary again. Just add them to the calendar and set appointment reminders.

It’s show time! Schedule calendar appointments for movie night or family TV time.

Feeling blue? Change your online calendar colors for each member of the family to reflect the season.

Big win at last weekend’s game? Jot down the moment in your family journal. Add a picture if you want, and you’re done. Plus, you can share your journal with who you want, how you want.

To customize Cozi collages, just add the pictures you want displayed to a folder on your computer, and let Cozi know where that folder is in your settings. Pictures that are in a folder together will appear in a collage together.

Creating a Cozi account is a great way to manage a small team—softball, anyone?

Who’s on holiday break and when? Adding holidays to the calendar makes for more stress-free family life.

Family meetings are a great opportunity to sit down and review the calendar for upcoming weeks.

When it’s time to shop for clothes for family members, a list of their clothes and shoe sizes makes finding the right fashions even easier.

Ready to rock? Schedule calendar appointments for upcoming concerts or other events you don’t want to miss.

Keep key contacts and directions in Cozi lists. Access them from wherever you are with mobile access.

What a year! Use your Cozi family calendar to review the big events of the past 365 days.

When someone special is coming from out of town, take note of the visit on your calendar.

Before heading out of town on vacation, create a checklist of everything you need to bring. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

Let’s party! Create one list for guests and another for what you need to buy to celebrate.

What’s cookin’? When planning a dinner party, keeping a menu list is a great way to prepare.

Who sent you a holiday card this year? Keep track of them with a list, and refer to it next year when you send out your own family’s cards.

Say cheese! Get kids involved by having them pick a family photo of the week.

Who’s on your gift list? Keeping an ongoing shopping list of who you need to buy for takes the stress out of holiday planning.

Pets are family too: Enjoying family life with Cozi

Ways to use Cozi for Pets





Remember vet appointments and to pick up the pet food

Who else do you want to create a schedule for? Perhaps the family dog has an active social life. Create a tab for them in the family calendar.

Create a shopping list for your pet so everyone in the family knows what brand of dog food, cat treats, and fish food is favored. Squeaky toys, anyone?

Ensure that your pets’ vet visits are up to date by adding their appointments to the calendar. (They are members of the family, after all!)

Create a list to store your pet’s date of birth, shot records, or whatever you might need to access quickly from wherever you are.

Jot down a moment in your family journal about something funny your pet did recently. It’s a great way to remember things you don’t want to forget.

Post a picture of your critter on your family home page.