Sign up for Cozi, get reminders from Clean Mama
Sign up for Cozi, get reminders from Clean Mama
Sign up for Cozi, get reminders from Clean Mama
Sign up for Cozi, get reminders from Clean Mama

Cozi, now with Tasks from Clean Mama!

Get the #1 family organizing app, plus:

  • Clean Mama Daily Tasks
  • Clean Mama Weekly Tasks
  • Automatic reminders for all tasks!

How to get Cozi + Clean Mama (2 quick steps):

1. From a mobile device, tap the button below to install Cozi from the app store and create a free account. (Cozi is available for iPhone and Android devices.)

2. In your Cozi mobile app, go to Settings, select Manage Partners, and choose Clean Mama.

Already have the Cozi app?

If you already have a Cozi account, go to Settings, choose Manage Partners, and select Clean Mama. Or use this link from a mobile device to select Clean Mama.

If you have any trouble installing the Clean Mama version of Cozi, please contact us at and we can help you get set up!

Here’s what you get with Cozi + Clean Mama…

Family Calendar

Get organized and get everyone on the same page with an online calendar that’s color-coded by family member.

  • Add events and appointments to one central calendar to keep everyone on schedule
  • Set appointment reminders so you’re never late again
  • Start your day off with an agenda email to see your day at a glance

Shopping Lists

Cozi remembers your grocery lists, shopping lists, and more – so you don’t have to. Plus, Cozi lists are accessible everywhere you go.

  • Weekly shopping list (no more forgotten items)
  • Holiday and birthday gift lists (keep a running list, so you’ll know JUST the perfect gift when you need it)
  • Special occasion list (for a holiday menu, party, or special event)

To Do Lists

Easily track and manage the things that need to get done. Create a shared to do list or individual chore lists for each family member. 

  • Save all your To Do Lists in one place
  • Assign chore lists by name so everyone shares family tasks
  • Plan a birthday party or family event and have all the tasks you need to complete saved on one secure place online, so you will never lose it

Meal Planning

Store recipes, plan dinners for the week, and easily add ingredients to your shopping list. We even have Cozi Picks family-friendly dinner ideas to jumpstart your meal plan.

  • Store all your recipes in one place – online and easy access
  • Add ingredients from your recipes to your Cozi shopping list with one click
  • Drag and drop your recipes to create a dinner plan for the week
  • Have a central place where the whole family can see what’s for dinner

Clean Mama Perks

All the housekeeping power of Clean Mama combined with the easy-to-use organizing app from Cozi.

  • Get the Clean Mama Daily and Weekly Tasks right on your Cozi calendar
  • Reminders are automatically sent for each task so you can stay on top of the Clean Mama way
Press Coverage
Press Coverage

Why families love Cozi

This app has been a lifesaver! We use it for everything—doctors’ appointments, birthdays, to do lists for fall and spring cleaning, etc. I don’t know how I managed life before it.

Osaka Family

I don’t even remember life before Cozi. Our motto at home is, ‘If it isn’t in Cozi, it’s not happening!’


Since using Cozi, we have been able to organize and prioritize ourselves in ways I could only imagine. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start using it sooner.


I feel SO much more organized, peaceful, and ‘in control’ when we keep Cozi updated.


Cozi and Clean Mama, keeping everyday life in order!

Get homekeeping reminders and manage family life, all in one convenient mobile app.