Take Part in the Cozi Challenge

Jan 9, 2014 | Blog, From Cozi Families

Whether you’re a resolutions kind of person or not, the start of a new year has a way of inspiring new goals. And no matter what goal is brewing in your mind, we bet there is a way Cozi can help make it happen.

That’s why we are hosting the Cozi Challenge. We’re asking families to tell us their goals and then all through January we will post tidbits and pointers from our team and from you about using Cozi to make 2014 the most organized, budgeted, healthy, feel-good or (insert your goal here) year yet.

How to Take Part in the Cozi Challenge

  1. Tell us your goal using the hashtag #CoziChallenge. Share your goal(s) so we know what is top of mind for our families. Post it here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you post it in social media, use the hashtag #CoziChallenge so we’ll see it. A quick sentence with your goal is enough, and goals big and small are welcome.
  2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you catch all the quick tips for how Cozi can help you reach your goal. Starting Monday, January 6 we’ll cover the top goals, focusing on one each week. We already know that saving money is a big one so we’re going to start there.

Here are some of the goals submitted so far via Twitter and Instagram…


We want to know YOUR goal. Please share it! #CoziChallenge

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