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Summer Fun Roundup

Jul 20, 2017 | Blog

Summer break is in full swing and it’s all about enjoying the sunshine and the great outdoors. Here are some fun finds that will enhance any summertime day…or night!
Find a large grassy area and step into this giant bubble for a round of human bumper cars! The X-Shot Bubble Ball by Zuru Toys ($49.99 for a 1-pack,Ages 8+,) inflates up to four feet and completely pads and protects the player inside. Pump not included.
Ring toss just got a tad more challenging with Wobbly Worm ($19.99, Ages 3+, Players toss rings of all sizes onto a wobbly worm that just won’t stay still! The game is fully customizable, based on skill level and gets kids moving.
Scatter Dodgeball by COOP Sports ($19.99, Ages 5+) gives the age-old playground game a new twist
by incorporating dice rolling and color-coded wristbands, in an effort to eliminate ball hogs! The padded ball is guaranteed not to
sting, making Dodgeball an enjoyable game for everyone. Buy Scatter Dodgeball
You won’t get lightheaded making bubbles for your little one with the Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill by Funrise ($19.99, Ages 3+) ! Tons of bubbles emerge in seconds with a push of a button, and with their specially formulated bubble solution, bubbles last longer and soar higher!
Who says the fun has to cease after dark? Lumi-Niter ® by Xtraordin Air Toys (From $17.99, For the entire family) allows players of all ages to fling discs well past dusk. Long-lasting glow sticks snap right onto the disc, which is made of high quality, durable plastic for excellent night flights.
About the Author:

Julie Kertes is Cozi’s product expert and oversees the Hot Diggity Awards, a national program that recognizes the best toys, games and pet products. To see the latest products she’s playing with, testing and/or assembling, follow her on Twitter at @HotDiggityMedia.

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