NEW! Improvements to the Cozi Family Calendar

Sep 16, 2013 | Blog, Cozi Improvements

Check out the latest additions to your online family calendar!

Based on your feedback and requests, we’ve significantly improved the Cozi calendar. It’s now easier than ever to use Cozi!

What’s new?

  • NAVIGATION IN ONE PLACE: The new navigation bar along the top of the calendar page is a one-stop shop to easily enter appointment information, select various calendar views, print your calendar and even set up other features in your account.
  • DAY VIEW: In addition to the existing weekly and monthly views, the new day view let’s you see a single day’s schedule, with appointments for every family member displayed on the same page. Just hover your mouse over your appointments to see appointment details, or double-click on an appointment to edit or to add an appointment reminder. Create a new appointment by double-clicking anywhere on the daily view to open an appointment dialogue box.
  • EXPANDING APPOINTMENT ENTRY: To give you more space on the calendar page to view your data, the text bar has been condensed into the top navigation. As soon as you start typing, the text entry bar will expand along the top of the calendar to give you the space you need to enter a new appointment. When you’re done, the text bar will retract, allowing you to access other features and settings directly from the navigation bar.
  • ‘TODAY’ BUTTON: To the right of the appointment entry box, the new ‘Today’ button will take you to the current day, displayed automatically in the view you’ve already selected.
  • ‘WHO’ MENU: The consolidated ‘Who’ menu provides a drop-down menu listing everyone in your account. You can view a particular family member’s appointments just by selecting that person’s name from the list. Switch easily between family members for viewing or printing one person’s calendar. Or, you can view or print the calendar for everyone by selecting All. As always, the view is up to you!
  • ATTENDEE NAMES: To help you identify which family members are connected with each appointment, attendee names now appear directly on the calendar page. No more forgetting which family member is associated with a particular color!

Enjoy your new and improved Cozi calendar, and stay tuned for more improvements coming soon!

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