How to get your spouse (or partner) to check Cozi

Sep 16, 2013 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

Ok, I admit it. My husband was a slow adopter of Cozi. He thinks the family calendar is *my* job and just wants me to tell him what’s going on.

But since the vow is “in sickness and in health” and not “as your personal assistant”, I came up with a plan.

First, I added him to the weekly agenda email (instructions for doing this below). So, every Sunday night, he gets an email with everything we have on deck for that week.

Next, I did something a little sneaky. I went down to my husband’s computer (the family computer really, because my laptop is off-limits!) and I set up Cozi as the HOME PAGE on his browser. Now, whenever he opens it, Cozi pops right up. He doen’t even have to log in!

Does he check it every time? Of course not. But he looks WAY more now than ever before. It’s a start.

Want to do the same thing? Here’s how:

To add someone to the weekly agenda email:

  • Login to Cozi
  • Click on your Calendar
  • Click Settings (in the left column)
  • Click Email reminders
  • Choose who you want to get a weekly email of the family agenda
  • If you make changes and need to resend it, just click Send Update next to the person’s name.
  • Click Done

To set Cozi as your Home Page

  • Login to Cozi
  • Click Settings (far left column)
  • Click the option to mak eCozi your home page (at the bottom)
  • Drag the link to your browser home button
  • Log out
  • Click the Home button to pull up Cozi
  • Enter your login info and click  “Remember me” (This was he/she will be automatically logged in to cozi every time)

That’s it!

Come back and tell me if it helped! ^Carol


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