Family Travel Tips from Cozi Families

Feb 3, 2020 | Blog

We asked Cozi families how they plan for their travel adventures. The most popular item they pack is “patience” all while aiming to make the trip “fun & adventurous”. To find out how they do it, see the lists below for insightful and interesting family travel tips!


  • “Do your research!
  • “Travel with grandparents, extended family or friends.”
  • “If traveling with 8+ find group rates for your flights, car rental and hotel.”
  • “Set a budget and stick to it! Budgeting is key, as is saving for it and planning as best you can.”
  • “Allow your kids to participate in the process, so they feel important, and are more excited about the trip.”
  • “Keep options limited to 2 when you are choosing between things.”
  • “Research the area(s) in advance to maximize time with family.”
  • “Plan ahead, but leave times open for last minute ideas and scheduled down time.”
  • “Have a back up plan for inclement weather or when other issues arise.”
  • “Try to figure out meals and activities for each day. This helps especially if anyone has food allergies.”
  • “Make sure to follow a list and start planning and packing early!”
  • “Look at weather forecast and be prepared for the weather.”
  • “Categorize: create your checklists under each category.”
  • “Every family member should have their own list that they follow to pack their own bag.”
  • “Laminate lists of common items to easily mark off each time.”
  • “Create a travel folder with all important documents that you keep with you.”
  • “Pack one small piece of luggage per person rather than one large suitcase.”
  • “Try packing cubes! Use one color for each family member, when packing.”
  • “For kids have each day’s outfit in a ziplock bag so it’s all together.”
  • “Make sure everyone has travel sizes of their everyday products.”
  • “Consider packing a separate toiletry suitcase. Avoiding suitcase spills & mess = no stress! And it can go straight to the bathroom when you arrive.”
  • “Pack activity bags for each person! Everyone gets a small bag filled with their choice of snacks, games, books and electronics.”
  • “Bring a carry on with one spare set of clothes for everyone in your party.”
  • “Make sure you have all prescriptions!”
  • “Always pack a first aid kit.”
  • “Pack charged electronics for everyone + make sure you bring your electronic chargers.”
  • “Bring extra batteries for any devices or toys that need it.”
  • “Never forget your swimsuit or your pajamas!”
  • “Make sure everyone has their own hand sanitizer.”
  • “Leave room in your bags for souvenirs.”
  • “Try using only carry on luggage, one per family member!”
  • “Everyone gets a small bag filled with their choice of snacks, games, books, electronics and a change of clothes.”
  • “TSA pre-check and Clear applies to children traveling with adults.”
  • “Stick together!”
  • “Make the whole airport and flight experience a fun adventure.”
  • “Bring your patience and lots of travel games.”
  • “Pack a lot of non-perishable snacks and drinks.”
  • “Download audiobooks & listen together while traveling.”
  • “Make it a fun adventure.”
  • “Bring your patience.”
  • “Ensure there is enough wiggle room for everyone and your stuff in the vehicle.”
  • “Plan your route and schedule in stops to get out and explore.”
  • “Map out all usable bathroom breaks and gas stops so you can plan where to stop for potty breaks.”
  • “Be prepared. Pack healthy snacks and drinks so you save money on long trips.”
  • “Pack activity bags for each child! I call them busy bags that have small snacks!”
  • “Bring a good story book to read to everyone or download audiobooks & listen together while traveling.”
    “Play car games, like Spot the License Plate, I-Spy, or GO.”
  • “Print a sheet of license plates from different states & do scavenger hunts.”
  • “Pack pillows and blankets so riders can get comfy and warm up if they are cold.”
  • “Stay flexible!!!”
  • “Keep patient and find some time to be by yourself.”
  • “Make sure the place you’re staying has a washer and dryer.”
  • “When traveling with a pet, consider staying at pet-friendly Airbnb’s or campsites!”
  • “For babies schedule a delivery of diapers, wipes & baby food to your accommodations.”
  • “Have an agenda for all family members.”
  • “Let kids choose activities or restaurants when feasible.”
  • “Plan well but also make sure you schedule down time. Over planning will make people cranky!”
  • “Plan ahead, but leave a day open for last minute ideas.”
  • “Leave plenty of time for outdoor activities”
  • “Be prepared for emergencies, entertaining children, rainy days, etc.”
  • “Travel games for the down-times on vacation helps!”
  • “Shop at grocery stores over restaurants to save money.”
  • “Where possible, take an InstantPot, to help save money on food.”
  • “Give kids digital video cameras [older models] to document the trip.”
  • “Laminate your lists of packed items to easily mark off each time you need to pack.”
  • “One parent is always the last one out of the hotel room to triple check everything.”

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