Cozi SmartAdd: A Quick New Way to Add a Calendar Event

Oct 16, 2023 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

mom holding baby using phone to make doctor's appointment

Cozi’s new SmartAdd feature, available to Cozi Gold subscribers, saves you time when you’re on the go—it’s a quick and easy way to create a calendar event. Just type all the details in a row—like “Date night October 28 6pm @Claire @Michael”—and Cozi will create the event:

Why should you use SmartAdd?

SmartAdd offers a speedier experience, but it’s also more natural. You can write like you talk, instead of filling in a bunch of separate fields. Just jot down the info, and out pops an event. You can get it in your calendar quickly, and leave any additional details you want to add when you’re not pressed for time. 

When should you use SmartAdd?

We’ve found SmartAdd to be extra handy when you’re doing a bunch of chores in the evening, you’re mid-scrubbing, and you remember you need to schedule an oil change. Pop off those gloves for just a minute to add it in:

Schedule oil change tomorrow 8 a.m. @Claire

Or, when you’re adding a PDF school calendar to your Cozi calendar and it’s taking forever (so many events!):

School play December 19th 6pm @Johnny @Claire @Michael @Nana @Papa

It could be useful when you’re parked in the school pickup line and remember you need to help your daughter bake a cake this afternoon:

Bake cake 4:30 pm @Claire @Nia

And perhaps you’re checking out at the dentist and making a new appointment—and there’s someone behind you in line so you want to be quick:

Dentist Nov. 3 9am @Johnny @Michael

How to enter information—in the right order

 Using the right order helps the natural language processing system—AKA, Smart Add—interpret your info correctly and fill out the calendar event the right way.

First: Event title

Write the name of the event: school play, dentist, bake a cake, schedule oil change.

But there are two limitations. Don’t write the word “day,” and don’t write a number other than the date and time. For example, if you write “Nia’s 14th birthday party,” SmartAdd may not add your info correctly.  

Second: The date

You can write the date all sorts of ways: November 2, November 2nd, 2nd of November, 11/2, or Nov. 2. 

Third: Start time

You can write 3pm or 3:00p.m. or 3 o’clock p.m., but be sure to add the p.m.

Note: Just write the start time, not the end time—SmartAdd events are automatically an hour long. If you need to adjust the end time, click “edit” as soon as you create the event. 

Fourth: Who’s going?

Write the @ sign and then the first name of the person who will attend the event: @Claire @Nana. If you’re on iOS, you’ll see a dropdown menu when you type @.

Note: If you don’t tag anyone, SmartAdd automatically tags everyone.

Give it a whirl—use SmartAdd for your next event!

Save some time and enjoy a simpler experience with SmartAdd—try it now and add a test event to get the hang of it.

If you don’t see SmartAdd in your Cozi account, try updating the app from the app store to get the latest version.

Happy calendaring! 

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