Bathroom Quick Clean Checklist by Clean Mama

May 21, 2020 | Add to Cozi, Blog

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About the Author

About the Author

Becky created her cleaning routine years ago out of necessity. She was sick of cleaning all weekend long and living with the crazy during the week. Once she started using a simple routine she realized that just a little bit every day was helping her keep things clean most of the time. Then came three kids, different work schedules, traveling for her job, running a business…..and guess what? It still worked. She loves sharing her routine, homekeeping tips, and ideas for keeping your home cozy and clean. Follow her on Instagram.

by Becky A.K.A. Clean Mama

Let’s talk about cleaning bathrooms. While cleaning bathrooms isn’t fun, it’s necessary. Pair this task with a day of the week (Mondays) and my simple and effective method for speed cleaning bathrooms in 15 minutes (or less) and you’ll find that cleaning bathrooms isn’t so bad. When you thoroughly clean the bathrooms on Mondays and wipe counters as needed during the week (WIPE COUNTERS is a Daily Task), you’ll find that your bathrooms are clean all week long.

Why do I clean bathrooms on Mondays? After the weekend the bathrooms need a good cleaning, I’m not a fan of cleaning bathrooms so I get it out of the way right away, and it sets the tone for the week! 

Bathroom Quick Clean

  • Clean cloth for mirrors
  • Clean cloth – one for each toilet
  • Clean cloth – one for each sink
  • A couple extra cloths for tubs and showers
  • Glass and mirror cleaner
  • Disinfecting/bathroom cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner and toilet scrubber
  • Empty container for dirty cloths or paper towels
  • Caddy or container to carry supplies from room to room
  • Clear off counters and all surfaces
  • Spray and wipe any mirrors clean — keep this cloth handy and reuse in each bathroom
  • Spray the sink, toilet, and tub or shower
  • Use your preferred toilet cleaner and brush and do a quick clean of your toilet
  • Repeat these steps in each bathroom – Once you’ve done that, go back to the first bathroom
  • Wipe the sink, wipe the toilet, and wipe the tub or shower
  • Place dirty cloths in container
  • Move on to wiping down the next bathroom and the next until you have quickly wiped down each bathroom
  • Change hand and bath towels

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