April Fool’s Prank Ideas

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We asked our Cozi families on Facebook to share their best April Fool’s Day prank, and now we wanted to share them with everyone! Plan something sneaky today!

April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas from Cozi Families

Change Chuckle

“Super glued some pennies on the driveway up to the front steps…watched the kids get off the school bus and try to pick them off the ground! HA!” — Suzanne

Breakfast Belly Laugh

“I poured their cereal with milk the night before and put a spoon in it, then popped it in the freezer overnight. Took it out the next morning and they couldn’t get their spoons out. Very funny. Also, one year I replaced the raspberry jelly in their doughnuts with ketchup. That didn’t go over as well!” –Angela

“One year I froze glasses of orange juice with a straw in them and then in the morning I poured a touch of fresh OJ on top. My kids couldn’t figure out why their juice wouldn’t come out!!” –Stacy

“I served whipped cream, spread on a plate, topped with an apricot half. Voila! A “fried egg”. My skeptical daughter didn’t eat it until she figured it out, but my son and husband really enjoyed the prank. Tasty, too!” –Tracey

Can Caper

“My kids replaced all the soda and beer cans in the fridge with empty ones from the recycling one year… Got me pretty good.” –Becky

Chalk Chortle

“I bought candy chalk and put it in my pocket. While teaching middle school math, I suddenly announced, after writing a problem on the board, that I was starving and popped the swapped out candy chalk into my mouth. I chewed it up and let a little of the frothy “chalk” show at the corners of my mouth. Stunned frozen silence from 30 kids as they tried to figure out the quickest escape from the classroom of the loony teacher! They loved it and kept it secret all day so I was able to play it on every one of my six classes.” –Sherry

Cake Cackle

“(April fools day is my b-day)…so, a friend frosted the outside of a cereal box to look like a beautiful cake! she brought it to my house and wished me happy birthday and left. I tried to cut it and there was a cereal box! The kids and I were like REALLY??? oh man!!…., she called me a few minutes later LAUGHING and said “look in the box” – she redeemed herself = she put cupcakes IN the box!!!” — Suzanne

“Last year I Made a “sponge cake” for my sister in law. Stacked sponges frosted very prettily. They didn’t think it was so funny when they tried to cut it!” –Lesley

Toothpaste Titter

“I (painfully) put some frosting in the front of my son’s toothpaste tube.” –April Rickard

School Snicker

“My husband works second shift and was tired of being woke up in the middle of his night with children loudly preparing for school. One April Fool’s we set all of the clocks six hours ahead, brewed some coffee and woke the children up for school. Groggily they each prepared for the day, as they headed out the door I said, “April Fool’s! Oh and by the way, it’s Sunday too!” Best prank ever!” –Laura

“I recorded a weather report earlier in the winter that showed a snow storm headed our way and the school closing a were scrolling across the bottom. When the kids woke up, I immediately took them to the television so they didn’t get a chance to look outside. It was 70 degrees outside.” –Shelly

Doggy Double Over

“It was not on April Fools Day, but shortly thereafter, I went to pick up a chihuahua puppy and while I was gone, my husband told the kids that I was at an ER having a baby. I came home with a puppy wrapped up in the towel and said “It’s a boy”. The kids were shocked to see a puppy.” –Patricia

Candy Clown

“Covered cotton balls with chocolate and told the kids after school i made candy!!” –Suzanne

Lunch Laugh

“I swapped their lunches with play food……then dropped their real ones off at the office. The school was thrilled to play along.” –Sarah

“I made the kids a ham and cheese sandwich and left the wrapper on the cheese. I never laughed so hard watching them try to bite through their sandwiches.” –Janice

Water Wit

“Also, using a rubber band to tie down the kitchen sink sprayer is always funny!” –Lesley

Fridge Fake

“Back when refrigerators only had one door, I swapped the handles to the other side. I didn’t move the hinge. Funny to watch people try to open the fridge at a party that night.” –Maria



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