Add to Cozi: 15 Fun Halloween Activities for 2020

Sep 21, 2020 | Add to Cozi, Blog

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Trick-or-treating—like so much else in 2020—feels different this year. (For one thing, the masks have changed.) But we can still make sure the candy, the costumes, and the fun are all there for our kids.

Add these frightfully delightful ideas to Cozi that keep social distancing top of mind.

15 Social-Distanced Halloween Activities

  • Decorate your front door to look like a monster
  • Trick-or-treat at home: kids go door-to-door in your house
  • Do a twilight treasure hunt in your backyard
  • Count down to the big night with a countdown calendar
  • Organize a Trunk-Or-Treat with close friends by dressing up the car trunk and gathering in a parking lot to give and receive candy
  • Set up a backyard family obstacle course with booby traps and haunts
  • Hang up a Halloween piñata
  • Hold a video call mask costume contest
  • Create your own Frankenstein’s scarecrow monster
  • Dress up all week long
  • Organize a window treasure hunt with your neighbors
  • Go all out with creative costumes and hold a family fashion show in your backyard
  • Good Ghosting – leave small gifts on friends’ doorsteps
  • Reverse Trick-Or-Treat – ask friends and neighbors to donate to a cause
  • Pet Parade – dress up your pooch and take it around the block

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