Shopping Lists

List lovers rejoice! Cozi keeps all your lists in one place.

No more sticky notes and scraps of paper, no more return trips to the grocery store. Cozi shopping lists are in one central place and accessible by anyone in the family wherever they go.

Cozi Shopping and Gift Lists

With Cozi Shopping Lists, you can…

Grocery Lists

Access your lists anywhere

Retrieve lists when you’re at the store and see items added by other family members when you’re on the go — no more coming home with everything but the one thing you really needed.

Streamline shopping trips

Cozi lets you create organized lists so remembering what to pick up is as easy as pulling out your phone. Make one list for everything, or create a list for every store you frequent.

Organizing Cozi List
Recipe to Shopping List

Get what you need for dinner

Cozi makes it fast and easy to transfer recipe ingredients to your grocery list—great for when you’re menu planning for the week or just scrambling to pick up ingredients for dinner tonight.

Stay organized across devices

Anyone in the family can access the shared calendar, get reminders, and see lists from any computer (PC or Mac) or any mobile device (iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet).
Available on Android, iPhone, tablets, and on the web

Why families love Cozi

This app has been a lifesaver! We use it for everything—doctors' appointments, birthdays, to do lists for fall and spring cleaning, etc. I don't know how I managed life before it. Osakas

Cozi family

I don't even remember life before Cozi. Our motto at home is, ‘If it isn't in Cozi, it's not happening!’ Lindsay

Cozi mom

Since using Cozi, we have been able to organize and prioritize ourselves in ways I could only imagine. The only regret I have is that I didn't start using it sooner. John

Cozi dad

I feel SO much more organized, peaceful, and ‘in control’ when we keep Cozi updated. Kate

Cozi mom

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