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FlyLady Cleaning List Zone 5

Here is the cleaning checklist for Zone 5: the living room, family room or den, all ready to add to your Cozi to do list.

If you are looking for simple, do-able advice for keeping your house organized and in good working order, the FlyLady’s detailed cleaning lists are a GREAT way to start.

  • Clean cobwebs
  • Clean windows
  • Straighten bookcases
  • Wash ornaments and what-nots
  • Clean out end table
  • Straighten closets and drawers
  • Wipe fingerprints from walls
  • Polish furniture
  • Clean out magazine racks
  • Clean phone
  • Clean under cushions
  • Clean out fireplace
  • Move furniture and vacuum
  • Shampoo carpet

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FlyLady Marla Cilley

For more help getting rid of your CHAOS, check out FlyLady's website and join the free mentoring group at or her book, Sink Reflections published by Random House and her New York Times Best Selling book, Body Clutter published by Simon and Schuster.

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