Cozi Infographics

Fun facts, stats, and survey results from Cozi families. Click an image to view full size.

Kids & Allowance

Cozi families’ thoughts on kids, chores, and allowance.

Top Dinner Ingredients

We asked Cozi families for their go-to weeknight dinner recipes. Here are the most-used ingredients.

Where Do You Hide the Halloween Candy?

Where Cozi families hide Halloween candy so no one eats it before the 31st.

What’s in your Shopping Cart?

An inside peek at the family shopping list. What are the most popular grocery items?

Worst Halloween Treats

A survey of Cozi families reveals some surprising duds and delights

Thanksgiving Preferences

Families dish on favorite foods, budget, and togetherness.

Parents and their Smartphones

Who talks, texts, and plays the most.

Holiday Card Traditions

3 ways to simplify and save your holiday cards.

Who Works Harder – Mom or Dad?

A he-said, she-said about who does the household chores.

School Clothes Then and Now

A visual history of kids’ fashion over the last century.

Driving Mom Crazy

What is ONE thing you have to tell your kids over and over again?

The High Cost of Disorganization

How the average family spends $5,000 on late fees, no shows, and last minute scrambles.

Desperation Dinner Ideas

What everyone is eating when they can’t decide what to make.

The Family Car

All about the family member you’d be lost without.