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Your to do, his to do, their to do.

Cozi lists help me keep track of my chores and get the kids to do theirs. It’s so nice not to have to remind them to make their beds every morning! - Monica (mom)
Free to do list, task list, chore list, and more. Create a printable to do list of the things you need to do.

Let Cozi remember your to do list so you don't have to.

Cozi keeps everyone’s tasks and chores in one place the whole family can access. The kids can cross stuff off as they do it (and you don’t have to nag!)

  • Cozi to do lists are printable. Who doesn't like to check off items when they're done?
  • Assign a member of the family to any chore list to share the work around the house.
  • Make a to-don’t list. Include things like "wear pajamas to school" and "wear your shoes in the shower." Kids think this is pretty funny!

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