I'm on Top of It Day is September 8, 2014

Your mission: Use Cozi to get on top of busy family life and tell us what you did!

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Families have a LOT going on. Keeping track of it all and keeping everyone in the loop can be a challenge. We want to hear how you've used Cozi to get on top of at least one family task. Share with us and you're automatically entered to win a 1-year subscription to Cozi Gold. (We're giving away TEN of them!)

How to Enter
Tell us how you've used Cozi to get on top of family life:

  • Send it by email to [email protected]
  • Tweet it using the hashtag #ImOnTop
  • We'd also LOVE for you to tell us how you get on top of it on our Facebook page but doing so is not required for entry
  • Enter as many times as you'd like between now and Sept. 30th, 2014

What is I'm on Top of It Day?
It's an annual holiday Cozi created to celebrate and reward busy families for being on top of at least one organizational chore that gives them forehead wrinkles. It happens every year on the second Monday in September.

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I'm on top of it day