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Cozi sized for your pocket or purse

Manage your family calendar and shopping lists from your phone with Cozi Mobile at

Specifically designed for mobile phone web browser access, Cozi Mobile allows you to:

  • Sign in to your Cozi account on the go
  • View and edit your family calendar
  • Create a new shopping list from anywhere, anytime
  • View and check off items from lists while you're at the store

Cozi Mobile works on your BlackBerry, Android or Windows smartphone. For additional details on compatibility, please visit Cozi Mobile help.

No application to download. Just visit using your phone's web browser. (And bookmark it for quick access in the future!)

If you don't already have a free Cozi account, you'll want to sign up before trying Cozi Mobile.

Have an iPhone? Check out the new Cozi iPhone app.

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