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Working with Cozi is a great way of targeting the increasingly tech-savvy online mom market and kids market. A large segment of Cozi users are busy moms who are interested in staying organized. Very few companies are able to capture the online family market in the way that Cozi does. Our demographic is clean, ensuring that we deliver the right message to our families in the best way possible to maximize your ROI. Our integrated approach to advertising integrates your brand into all appropriate aspects of daily family life. Our mobile applications take your brand and advertising message to the point of purchase.

Cozi's innovative approach provides a turn-key solution for steady engagement with families via advertising, sponsorship and co-branded partnership opportunities.

Cozi’s family demographic

  • Primary users are 25-44 years old.
  • 86% of Cozi families include a married couple.
  • 63% of Cozi families have 2 or more kids.
  • 25% have 3 or more kids, aging from infant to 18.
  • 68% are two-income families.
  • 62% have a college education.
  • 41% have an annual household income of over $100k.
  • The median household income is $91k.
  • Reach: 3 million Cozi family members.

Cozi delivers on the goals of advertisers

  • Building a connection to today’s active families at the center of their lives.
  • Providing highly visible and exclusive ad space: Cozi product pages have one ad impression.
  • Catering to a niche market: Cozi caters to online families with children and disposable incomes.
  • Enabling appropriate frequency of ad views: Cozi is used multiple times a day by families.
  • Offering innovative advertisements to ensure that your brand is top of mind.
  • Linking ads directly to Cozi family shopping lists: Users can add products advertised on Cozi and its extended network to their Cozi shopping list with the click of a button.

Cozi is not just a website. Cozi is an application that becomes mission-critical to the family for organization and management of daily life. This translates into daily use of Cozi and meaningful impressions for our advertisers. We implement advertising in a subtle, unobtrusive way that complements the daily needs of our families.

Sample of advertisers

A sampling of Cozi advertisers