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Ad Specifications

For complete ad specs, please download PDF.

Ad TypeUnit SizeStandardFlashRich Media
Medium Rectangle300x25030k40k100k
Wide Skyscraper160x60030k40k100k
iPhone480x75; 320x5020kNA30k
iPad300x250; 728x9020kNA30k
Android Mobile480x75; 320x50; 240x3820kNA30k
Android Tablet300x250; 728x9030kNA30k

Advertising standards

  1. Ad content should be relevant to Cozi's family audience.
  2. Ads should be in appropriate taste for all members of the family, including young children. Many Cozi households run Cozi on shared PCs that sit in common areas of the home, such as the kitchen or living room.
  3. Ad production values should be of a high level, consistent with those of the Cozi product.
  4. Ads may not compromise the Cozi user experience. Cozi will decline or pull ads that might interfere with regular product use.
  5. Ad content must not resemble elements of the Cozi user interface. An ad may not include user interface elements mimicking Cozi's interface style (such as a Print button that could be confused with Cozi's own Print button).
  6. Cozi declines advertisements that are misleading, inaccurate, or fraudulent.

Advertising guidelines

  1. iFrame/JavaScript tags are accepted for third-party serving.
  2. Standard formats must include click-through URL. Requires a 2-business-day lead time.
  3. Third-party tags are accepted in HREF or IMG tags. Requires a 2-business-day lead time.
  4. Flash must be 6.0 or higher and include getURL(clickTag, "_blank"). Requires a 5-business-day lead time.
  5. Audio must be user initiated.
  6. Ads may not display outside the bounds of the ad rectangle unless the user rolls over or clicks on the ad.
  7. Ads that expand on rollover must:
    1. Close automatically when the user moves the mouse away. (For example, ads created with PointRoll's FatBoy technology are generally acceptable; other forms of PointRoll advertising are not.)
    2. Display a prominent Close button that is clearly visible against the backgrounds where ads will run and expand.
    3. Not interfere with key elements of the UI, including menus, navigation elements, and controls. Ads may not open a new window unless the user clicks on the ad.
  8. Animated ads should limit motion to slow to medium speeds. Ads may loop a maximum of three times, with a loop no more than 15 seconds in length. Ads may not contain rapid movement, rapid flashing, or rapid color cycling.