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Partner overview

Cozi partners with leading family-focused companies who leverage our highly effective platform to raise awareness, drive trial or repeat purchase, and perpetuate brand loyalty. Our innovative approach to advertising provides a turn-key solution for steady engagement with families.

Cozi's innovative approach provides a turn-key solution for steady engagement with families via advertising, sponsorship and co-branded partnership opportunities.


We connect advertisers with families through display banner (IAB UAP) placements adjacent to our core tools for household tasks, such as coordinating family activities, managing shopping lists, planning meals, and preserving family memories. We also offer advertisements positioned next to family-focused topical content published on Live Simply. To learn more about advertising opportunities with Cozi, please contact [email protected].


We work with advertisers to create family-themed sponsorship programs that can be integrated into Cozi’s product features and deliver unique value to Cozi families. A typical sponsorship package may include display or rich media ads, contextual adjacency, and sponsorship treatment customized to your brand that is uniquely integrated into the Cozi experience. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with Cozi, please contact [email protected].


We co-brand our application so that families perceive the value of Cozi as coming from you: You solve the family needs. You are the center of family life. You create a community through which to communicate for many years to come. These customized versions of Cozi allow brands to deliver a valuable tool to their loyal customer base. To learn more about co-branding opportunities with Cozi, please contact [email protected].


Whether you are a mobile operator, OEM, or ODM, Cozi is a comprehensive and valuable solution which will increase the value of your service and/or device to the family. Cozi can help you differentiate your services and devices through custom integration and co-branding so that your brand sits at the center of daily family life. We have a flexible business model and technology to deliver a profitable solution to you. To learn more about mobile opportunities please contact [email protected].


Cozi Family Insights offers you the ability to connect directly with moms, dads and teens and gain a deeper understanding of family dynamics, habits and preferences. You’ll receive actionable primary research; strengthen your marketing and product strategy and capitalize on emerging trends. For more information please contact [email protected].