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Team members


Allison, Marketing Manager

Making lists keeps me sane and surrounding myself with talented and adventurous people keeps me motivated – for both of these reasons, I am so excited to be working here at Cozi.

Marchex, Inc: Search Engine Marketing Campaign Manager
University of Washington, BA Journalism and Spanish

Amy, Office Manager

I came to work at Cozi because of the level of dedication, passion, and innovation the company possesses.

Verdiem Corporation: Executive Assistant
Verity Credit Union: Program Coordinator/Assistant to the Board
Personal Assistant for The Jaech's
Western Washington University, BA Communication

Andrew, Software Developer Software Development Engineer (4 years)
University of Waterloo, BMath Computer Science

Brian, Software Engineer

I came to work at Cozi because my family had been using the product for a number of years and I was impressed how easy it was to use and fit the bill for exactly what we needed. I also met an incredible set of people that really enjoyed what they do and were very proud of their product. I wanted to be a part of that group and it's been a very rewarding experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Microsoft Corporation: Senior Test Lead and Software Design Engineer in Test (19 years)
Washington State University, BS Electrical Engineering

Carlos, Finance

Consulting (3 years)
Finance (3 years)
University of Washington, BA Finance

Chris, Software Developer

I joined the team because at Cozi, the love of family pervades the product and the corporate culture, making Cozi an amazing place to work. With passion, a close-knit team and an eye towards the future, I have every confidence in Cozi's success.

GroundTruth: Software Engineer (1 year)
Ontela/Photobucket: Developer (3 years)
Lytix LLC: Software Developer (2 years)
CERT Network Situational Awareness: Research Programmer (1 year)
Institute for Complex Engineered Systems: Research Programmer (5 years)
Carnegie Mellon University, BA Creative Writing; BA Computer Science

Dave, Vice President of Business Development

Cozi is more than a job to me. It is an extension of what I'm most passionate about in life - family life. Being a part of Cozi is incredibly rewarding. Not only does our work here help to simplify my own family life, but I get to go to bed each night knowing that my Cozi family and I are helping to simplify the lives of countless other busy families - awesome!

Dave Ackert Consulting, LLC: Principal/Media Sales Consultant (2 years) SVP Advertising (1 year) SVP Advertising (2 years)
Johnson & Johnson's Director, Advertising (7 years)
Modem Media: Associate Media Director (1 year)

Derek, Mobile Software Test Engineer

Cozi strongly appealed to me from day one because it's a small environment filled with great people. I'm typically more excited by testing than the product – this isn't true at Cozi. Our product is extremely useful, very easy to use, and constantly evolving into something better.

Cequint, Inc.: Software Test Engineer (1 year)
Ontela/Photobucket: Software Test Engineer (3 years)
Volt Technical Services: Software Test Engineer (2 years)
Sierra Online/Synergistic Software: Software Test Engineer (2 years)

Erika, Software Development Engineer Intern

Cozi is full of intelligent, passionate, and fun people! I enjoy coming to work every day because of both the great work environment and knowing I get to improve the lives of busy families.

UW CSE Department: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Accounting Professionals, Inc.: Graphic Design (5 years)
University of Washington, BS Computer Science (in progress), minor in Mathematics

Grant, Principal Software Engineer

I like building useful software. I like working with smart folks. At Cozi I get to do both.

Dashwire/HTC: Software Engineer (3 years)
Ontela/Photobucket: Software Engineer (3 years)
Cisco Systems: Software Engineer (7 years)
University of Washington, MS Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington, BS Computer Science and Engineering and Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences

Hoku, Advertising Client Services

Being raised in a Hawaiian household, three important words taught to me during childhood were 'ohana (family), lokahi (unity, harmony), and - one everybody knows - aloha (love)! I chose to work here at Cozi because I hold these virtues in high regard and know that my fellow colleagues (family members) here do, too. These concepts are easily understood. However, it takes an exceptionally integrated crew to follow through on such "talk" and actually "walk the walk." I am grateful to be a member of the Cozi family. Every day, I look forward to extending these meaningful values through our work to simplify family lives everywhere. Without a doubt, you will experience them in every aspect of our products and services.

BlogHer: Manager Client Services (1 year 3 months) Digital Publishing Sales Asst (1 year 5 months)
Business 2.0 Magazine: Office Admin/IT (4 years 4 months)
Colorado Technical University, BA Business Administration and IT

JGeorge, Software Developer

I love calendars and lists and organization! Working at Cozi is a great fit for me. Besides having a wonderful product, there are wonderful people behind that product that I work with daily. Cozi's highest priority is family, and it is a great work environment.

Expeditors: Software Developer (3 years)
Bank of New York Mellon: Software Developer (10 years)
Carnegie Mellon University, BS Computer Science, minor in English/Creative Writing

Joanna, Software Developer

I came to work at Cozi because it is a small company full of smart people committed to building great software that makes day-to-day life better for families. I like families. I've got one myself.

Teranode: Senior Software Engineer (1.5 years) Software Development Engineer (6 years)
Baylor College of Medicine: Genome Center Programmer (2 years)
University of Washington, MS Computer Science
Brown University, BS Biology and Computer Science

Jordan, Software Developer

Cozi offers a great service developed by a fantastic team and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Expeditors International: Software Engineer (7 years)
University of Washington, BS Computer Engineering

Josh, VP of Engineering

I came to Cozi because of my desire to work with the team, the belief of management in their product and company, and the quality of the software.

Ontela/Photobucket (3 years)
Datalight (1 year)
NetMotion Wireless (3 years)
BlueWater Systems/BSQUARE (6 years)
Carnegie Mellon University, BS in Math/Computer Science and Economics

Kati, Senior Product Manager

Freelance writer, editor, web producer
HealtheTech: Food and Nutrient Database Development
M&M/Mars: Nutrition Scientist
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Nutrition Scientist
Penn State University, BS Nutrition Science
Michigan State University, MS Nutrition Science

Launa, User Experience Design Intern

I've never met a more fantastic group of people than those that I have the privilege of working with at Cozi. Every single person has a crazy amount of enthusiasm for what they do, and that's what makes Cozi so wonderful both as a product and a company. The fact that our work will better the lives of families is a gigantic motivator.

University of Washington, BS Human-Centered Design & Engineering

Lauren, Marketing Manager

Growing up as a competitive equestrian, dancer and soccer player (with an equally busy brother), I know how busy families can be. I joined Cozi because I want to help families stay organized and ultimately spend more time doing what they love. I'm excited to be part of something that brings families closer together.

Fashion Blogger:
Copacino + Fujikado: Marketing Internship
Nordstrom: Sales Associate
Western Washington University, BA Marketing

Marian, Customer Service Manager

I depend on Cozi daily to manage my own busy family, and enjoy helping Cozi users to get the most from all of Cozi’s features. Cozi is an excellent product created and supported by a fantastic team, and I’m proud to be a part of the Cozi family.

AT&T Cable: Marketing Consultant (2 years)
Showtime Networks: Account Director (10 years)
Northwestern University, MS Journalism
Vassar College, BA

Matt, Senior User Experience Designer

I love this place because it's a great group of people working to solve an interesting set of problems, and because our solutions to those problems make the lives of families better.

Marchex: User Experience Design
Rhode Island School of Design, Masters of Architecture
Brown University, BA

Mira, Quality Assurance Lead

I came to work at Cozi because the product is incredibly compelling and it has a great user interface-it's intuitive and makes difficult tasks simple. My favorite thing about working here is the opportunity to work with really smart, caring people who love what they are doing. It's fun to go to work everyday.

Amazon: Quality Assurance Engineer (1 year)
Microsoft Corporation: Software Development Engineer/Test (2 years)
Volt: Software Development Engineer/Test (1 year)
Lariat Software: Software Development Engineer (3 years)
DePaul University, MS Computer Science and BS Biology

Nathaniel, Software Developer

Teranode: Software Engineer (5 years)
University of Washington, BS Computer Engineering
University of Washington, BS Physics

PatrickA, Advertising and Client Services Manager

Bank of America: Sales Manager (4 years) Associate Manager – Advertising Services (4 years)
Western Washington University, BA Political Science
Seattle University, MBA Finance and Marketing

PatrickO, Software Developer

Information coming soon.

Rob, iPhone Developer

Groundspeak: iPhone Developer (6 months)
Microsoft MacBU: Software Developer (2 years)
Rochester Institute of Technology, BS Software Engineering

Robbie, President and Co-Founder

What I love most about working at Cozi are the exceptional people I get to work with every day. I came to work at Cozi because I wanted to do what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. Something that surprises people about me: when they learn that I knit.

Microsoft Corporation: General Manager (6 years)
Microsoft Corporation: Program Manager (6 years)
Princeton University, BA Science and Engineering

Samantha, VP of Marketing

I came to work at Cozi because of the incredible talent here and because I'm passionate about building tools that help busy people coordinate and organize all the things that they do. My favorite thing about working at Cozi is sitting next to Robbie. Something that surprises people about me; English is not my first language. Senior Merchant Product Manager (2 years)
Microsoft Corporation: Senior Product Manager (5 years)
Visio Corporation: Product Manager (2 years)
Wake Forest University, MBA Marketing
University of Maryland, BA Business Management

Tara, Program Manager

I love working at Cozi. It's a great atmosphere with amazing people. Plus, I get to impact the lives of busy families.

University of Washington, BS Computer Science and Engineering

Tim, Chief Operating Officer

As a father of three, I joined Cozi because of the tremendous opportunity to impact the lives of families around the world and for the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of people. The energy, personalities, and opportunity make it a fun place to be every day.

Microsoft Corporation: Group Product Manager (5 years)
MainStreet Networks: Vice President of Marketing (2 Years)
Intel Corporation: Senior Financial Analyst (2.5 Years)
Start up and financial consulting (5 Years)
University of Washington, MBA Finance & Marketing
Santa Clara University, BS, Major Accounting

Will, Chief Product Officer

I joined Cozi because the work we do here has the potential to have a major impact, and because the people are great. Something that surprises people about me: I can recite the alphabet backwards in less than 4 seconds.

HeyAnita mobile software: Director, Europe (2 years)
PocketThis: Director, International Sales & Business Development (3 years)
Microsoft Corporation: Program Manager and Technical Evangelist (5 years)
University of Michigan, BSE Computer Engineering