Getting Started with Journal


Use the Cozi Family Journal to jot down important moments and more, before you forget them. In no time at all, you will have effortlessly created a rich family history.

Adding an entry

On the web

Jot down a moment
  • From the Journal, click Jot down a moment.
  • Add a photo and/or text (if you add text, the first part of your entry will appear in bold as a title).
  • Select Shared or Private. Private entries will only be visible to family members in your account. Shared entries will be included in newsletters and/or webpage sharing if you choose to use these features.

In the apps

Add an entry
  • From the Journal, tap to add a story.
  • Add a photo and/or text.

Sharing your journal

Email Newsletters

To share by newsletter

  • In Journal, click Send by email.
  • Select the option to Send monthly email newsletters, then follow the prompts.

Note: The newsletter will be sent on the first of each month, as long as there are shared entries for the previous month. For example, if shared entries are added to the journal in March, all recipients will get the newsletter on or around April 1.

Cozi Family Blog

To share as a blog

  • In Journal, click Shared journal options.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your own family blog.

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