Who Should Be on Your Emergency Contact List

Mar 25, 2014 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

An emergency contact list is one of those “just in case” items that’s easy to put aside and forget about. But if the time comes when you need it, it’s vital that the information is up to date.

Emergency Contacts

Who should be on your list? Anyone who you would want notified in case of an emergency, as well as anyone you might need to reach for assistance. Make sure you have work, school or caregiver contact information as well. Include those people who you might need to take on certain responsibilities, like picking up the kids from school. Stop and think about where your family is at all times of the day, and consider who those key point people might be.

While every family’s list will be unique, here are some basic guidelines of who should be on your list:

  • Doctors for all family members – phone and address
  • Dentists for all family members – phone and address
  • Veterinarian for all pets – phone and address
  • Health insurance information – in addition to phone number, add the policy information and policy number to the Notes field (this makes it easy to find your info quickly during routine doctor’s visits!)
  • Closest emergency room – phone and address
  • School or child care provider for each child – phone and address
  • Parent’s contact information – home, work, cell numbers
  • Family/friends/neighbors – home, cell numbers
  • Household contacts, like babysitter/nanny, pet-sitter (You might keep these in a separate category as well)
  • Miscellaneous services, like water company, electric company, gas company, alarm company, locksmith, plumber, roadside assistance (You might keep these in a separate category as well)

Another handy tip: Put ICE into your cell phone contacts. This stands for “In Case of Emergency.” Enter your spouse or primary emergency contact number under the heading “ICE,” and emergency responders will know who to contact if you are unable to tell them.

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