How to Save Recipes from Other Websites to Cozi

May 21, 2015 | Blog, Tips & How Tos

One of the best time-saving features of Cozi Meals is the Add to Meals bookmark button. Here is how it works: After you place the button on your browser's toolbar, anytime you come across a recipe on the web that sounds like a keeper, you can simply click the button and the recipe will be imported into your Cozi Recipe Box. 

A few important notes first:

  1. The Add to Meals feature works best from a web browser on a computer.
  2. Recipe title, description, ingredients and a link back to the original source will be imported. Preparation instructions are not currently imported to respect the copyright of the original source. You are free to add those details manually (copy and paste), however.
  3. The toolbar button will work for many websites, but not all. (Success depends on how individual websites are formatted.) The good news is that even when the recipe cannot be fully imported, the title and link are often saved so you still have a record of that recipe you wanted to remember!

Follow the instructions for your browser to place the Add to Cozi Meals button on your toolbar and start saving recipes:

  • Internet Explorer: Right click on this link: Add to Cozi Meals, and choose Add to Favorites. (If you get a security warning, say Yes.) In the Add a Favorite pop up, choose Favorites Bar in the Create In field.
  • Firefox: Right click on this link: Add to Cozi Meals and choose Bookmark This Link. To see the button on your browser, you may need to select Bookmarks Toolbar by right-clicking on the bookmark/star icon in your browser.
  • Chrome or Safari: DRAG this link to your browser's bookmark toolbar (don't just click the link):  Add to Cozi Meals. Chrome users: You may need to turn on "Always show bookmark toolbar" in browser settings.

We hope this mini-feature provides you with a short-cut for saving recipes and helps you remember new recipe ideas!

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