Meet the Team

Team Members

Will Friedman


I’m proud to have been at Cozi for more than 10 years; it’s a fantastic place to work. We’re all about making and promoting great software that improves the lives of families — while building a solid and growing business. Outside of work, I’m studying the martial art Aikido. I also spent a bunch of time singing with a cappella groups and glee clubs back before there were TV shows and movies about them.

Cozi: (10 years, previously Chief Product Officer)
HeyAnita mobile software: Director, Europe (2 years)
PocketThis: Director, International Sales & Business Development (3 years)
Microsoft: Program Manager and Technical Evangelist (5 years)
University of Michigan, BSE Computer Engineering

Garrett Link

VP of Product

I lead a team of dedicated product professionals that craft experiences that delight the users and customers we serve. In addition to the fabulous team, I enjoy the food and culture of Pioneer Square, and particularly the friendly, playful and sometimes sarcastic elevator operators in the Smith Tower where our offices are located. Outside of work, I’m an avid disc golfer, gamer, father to two and husband to one.

Kati Chevaux

VP of Marketing

I work on the Cooking Light Diet, helping people find out about this great product and making sure members get the most out of their experience. It’s rewarding to see more and more people join the program every day. Outside of work, I love playing volleyball and am lucky to get to do that several times a week.

Freelance writer, editor, web producer
Nutrition scientist: Healthetech, M&M Mars, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Penn State University, BS Nutrition Science
Michigan State University, MS Nutrition Science

Josh Buergel

VP of Engineering

I came to Cozi because of my desire to work with the team, the belief of management in their product and company, and the quality of the software.

Ontela/Photobucket (3 years)
Datalight (1 year)
NetMotion Wireless (3 years)
BlueWater Systems/BSQUARE (6 years)
Carnegie Mellon University, BS in Math/Computer Science and Economics

Marian Hyland

Customer Service Manager

As an avid Cozi user, Cozi is indispensable to me and my family. I depend on it daily, and enjoy working directly with other Cozi families to help them to get the most out of what Cozi has to offer. Cozi is simply a great product supported by a great team. I love using Cozi, and I love working for Cozi!

AT&T Cable: Marketing Consultant (2 years)
Showtime Networks: Account Director (10 years)
Northwestern University, MS Journalism
Vassar College, BA

Christy Wise

Office Manager / Executive Assistant

My work includes office management, event planning, HR, and financial reporting. Outside of work, I like everything to do with podcasts: listening, hosting, and community building. I also really love spreadsheets and will jump at any chance to create one.

Western Washington University-BA American Cultural Studies

Jordan Kiang

Director of Operations

Cozi offers a great service developed by a fantastic team and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Expeditors International: Software Engineer (7 years)
University of Washington, BS Computer Engineering

Alexi Maczka

Associate Director of Design

I lead a small Design Team at Cozi where we are constantly striving to create intuitive experiences and beautifully simple interfaces. There are many UX principles and design philosophies that inform my work, but I always seem to return to Dieter Rams and his Ten Principles of Design:

Good design is innovative.
Good design makes a product useful.
Good design is aesthetic.
Good design helps a product to be understood.
Good design is unobtrusive.
Good design is honest.
Good design is durable.
Good design is consistent to the last detail.
Good design is environmentally friendly.
Good design is as little design as possible.

When not designing stuff for all our screens, I’m in the studio working on my own art or having fun with my wife and my two young (energetic!) boys.

Launa Blaine

Interaction Designer

I’ve never met a more fantastic group of people than those that I have the privilege of working with everyday here at Cozi. Each person has an incredible amount of enthusiasm for what they do, and that’s what makes Cozi so wonderful both as a product and a company. As an interaction designer, my ultimate goal is to streamline the Cozi interface in order to minimize the amount of effort a family must make to stay organized, as well as ensure that each user has a delightful and rewarding experience with our app. Outside of work, I like to run off to Italy and eat way more pasta than I should.

University of Washington, BS Human-Computer Interaction

Derek Clardy

Program Manager

Cozi strongly appealed to me from day one because it’s a small environment filled with great people. I’m typically more excited by testing than the product – this isn’t true at Cozi. Our product is extremely useful, very easy to use, and constantly evolving into something better.

Cequint, Inc.: Software Test Engineer (1 year)
Ontela/Photobucket: Software Test Engineer (3 years)
Volt Technical Services: Software Test Engineer (2 years)
Sierra Online/Synergistic Software: Software Test Engineer (2 years)

Tara Pugh

Senior Program Manager

I love working at Cozi. It’s a great atmosphere with amazing people. Plus, I get to impact the lives of busy families.

University of Washington, BS Computer Science and Engineering

Saska Albright

Senior Program Manager

At Cozi I get to combine my passion for food and cooking with my passion for software development. It’s a family-friendly environment with smart, dedicated people who know how to find joy in their work.

Microsoft Corporation: Program Manager (2 years)
Microsoft Corporation: Senior Technical Writer (7 years)
Zetec: Contract Specialist (3 years)
NeTraverse: System Administrator/Release Manager (1 year)
Education: Seattle University Humanities Honors Program

Alina Godfrey

Product Manager

I help connect families with Cozi, and work to make sure it’s meeting their needs. You’ll often find me designing brand materials or deep-diving into data. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, exploring, and making stuff.

Freelance graphic design
Marketing Manager, McConkey Company
University of Washington, BFA Industrial Design

Cory Loewen

Software Engineer

I enjoy playing soccer, board games and working in the relaxed atmosphere at Cozi.

Branden Livermore

Software Developer - Intern

I enjoy working on Cozi’s iOS app—everyone is very kind and more than willing to help when I need it. Outside of work, I enjoy running and cycling.

Chris Lee

Software Architect

My Cozi family helps your family run a little bit smoother by making sure your data is where you need it, when you need it. You can find me on the volleyball court or rocking out with the toddler.

GroundTruth (1 year)
Ontela/Photobucket (3 years)
Lytix (2 years)
CERT Network Situational Awareness (1 year)
Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (5 years)
Carnegie Mellon, BA Creative Writing and Computer Science

Casey Fischer

Software Engineer

I love working at Cozi because of the amazing people I get to work with every day. Outside of work, I am passionate about writing, recording, and performing music.

University of Washington – BS in Computer Science

David Ker

Software Engineer

I came to work at Cozi because family is at the core of the product and the company. I’m excited to get up in the morning and come to work, because I know what we’re doing makes a big difference in our user’s lives.

IT Consultant (8 years)
Code Fellows, Certificate – Ruby on Rails Development
WGU Washington, BS Information Technology – Security
University of Washington, Certificate – Information Security and Risk Management

Tim Carlson

Software Engineer

I’m a developer on the Cozi iOS app, which means I’m involved in the planning and development of our products on a daily basis. I enjoy knowing that the code I write will have an immediate positive impact on the families that rely on Cozi every day. Outside of work I can be found cycling all over the Pacific Northwest, mostly because it gives me a great excuse to eat as much pasta as possible.

University of Washington, Mathematics and Philosophy

Grant Musick

Software Engineer

I like building useful software. I like working with smart folks. At Cozi I get to do both.

Dashwire/HTC: Software Engineer (3 years)
Ontela/Photobucket: Software Engineer (3 years)
Cisco Systems: Software Engineer (7 years)
University of Washington, MS Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington, BS Computer Science and Engineering and Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences

J.R. Willett

Software Engineer

At Cozi I get to work on awesome projects with people who are intelligent and universally likeable, plus I get to go home in time for dinner. It’s hard to imagine a more satisfying work environment.

Mastercoin/Omni: Founder & Chief Architect (crazy bitcoin side-project)
Dynon Avionics: Senior Software Engineer (10 years)
Seattle Pacific University, BS Computer Science, Troublemaking, and Mischief

Nathaniel Brown

Software Engineer

Teranode: Software Engineer (5 years)
University of Washington, BS Computer Engineering
University of Washington, BS Physics

Lara Ramey

Software Developer - Intern

Mira Latoszek

QA Engineer

I test Cozi software on phones, tablets and computers to ensure it is reliable and easy to use. My favorite thing about working at Cozi is the opportunity to work with really smart, caring people who love what they are doing. Outside of work, I like kayaking, hiking, art and cooking.

Amazon: Quality Assurance Engineer (1 year)
Microsoft: Software Development Engineer/Test (3 years)
Lariat Software: Software Development Engineer (3 years)
DePaul University, MS Computer Science and BS Biology

Jason Fish

QA Engineer

I work in Mobile QA. Outside of work, if Kimberly and I aren’t training our dogs to cook macaroni and cheese, I’ll often be found in my lab, either cursing at my 3D printer or working on a new addition to The Hall of Unfinished Arduino Projects.

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