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Who Works Harder: Mom or Dad?

Cozi asked over 700 moms and dads about how much they contribute to household chores, and what they think their spouse contributes. Fourteen chores were judged, from cooking and cleaning to yard work and holiday shopping. Turns out there is quite the difference of opinion...

Both Husbands and Wives Say: “I Do More Than You Think”

  • For each chore, both moms and dads claimed to do more of the workload than their spouse gave them credit for.
  • Moms report doing more than sixty percent of the work for 11 of the 14 chores. And for five chores, women believe they accomplish over three-quarters of the workload.
  • Dads saw things more equally, reporting a fifty-fifty split, or close to it, for most chores. And the men claim doing more than seventy-five percent of the work for only one chore.
  • As a group, there isn't a single chore where the husbands gave the wives credit for doing more than 60 percent of the work.
  • Which chore had the biggest gap in perception? It was the scheduling of events and appointments. Moms, on average, claim to take care of over ninety percent of that job, while dads took credit for doing almost half the work, much more than the seven percent they got credit for.
  • When it comes to grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry, moms feel the men do around twenty percent of the work, while men report doing close to half the work.
  • Some jobs get delegated. Yard work, cleaning the house and minor home repair and maintenance were the chores most likely to have someone other than mom or dad help out.

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