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Baking and Desserts

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Valentine's Day Recipes: 5 Simple Yet Beautiful Treats

For Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing sweeter than a homemade gift from the heart. Try any one of these quick, creative and tasty treats (recipes included) to make an impression on the kids, teachers, neighbors—all the special people in your life!

Candy Cane Heart Lollipops

Valentine's Day Treats - Candy Cane Heart LollipopsWith a couple handfuls of leftover Christmas candy canes, you can make these fabulously fun candy cane and white chocolate lollipops! Just make a heart shape with the candy canes, bake them for a short time to melt them together, and spoon a small amount of melted white chocolate into the center of each. Once they’re cool, wrap and tie them up with a pretty red ribbon for a lovely gift.

Get the recipe for Candy Cane Heart Lollipops.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Treats - 
Red Velvet CupcakesThere’s nothing more decadent than a rich red velvet cupcake with fluffy whipped cream cheese frosting, and no better time to indulge than Valentine’s Day! Swirl together a good quality cocoa powder with basic cake ingredients, and bake the cupcakes for 15 minutes. Pipe the cream cheese frosting on top once the cakes are cool, dig in and enjoy!

Get the recipe for the Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Rice Krispies Pops

Valentines Day Treats - Rice Krispies PopsTry this sweet spin on everyone’s classic favorite Rice Krispies treats for your Valentine. Similar to cake pops, these tasty heart-shaped treats are first formed them coated in a candy shell. Color the candy melts for a fun, festive touch, sprinkle with a little sanding sugar and give them to someone sweet like a teacher, neighbor or friend!

Get the recipe for Rice Krispies Pops.

S’mores Truffles

Valentines Day Treats - Smores TrufflesIt may be wintertime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cozy campfire treat! These S’mores Truffles are simple, sinful and absolutely scrumptious. Just roll the chocolate truffles and stuff a marshmallow into the center of each, then roll in graham cracker crumbs. You instantly have a cute, clever Valentine’s Day gift or nibble for a party.

Get the recipe for the S’mores Truffles.

Stained Glass Heart Cookies

Valentines Day Treats - Stained Glass Heart CookiesThese Stained Glass Cookies are an impressive but surprisingly simple treat for Valentine's Day. Just make a basic sugar cookie, cut out your desired shape, then use a small cutter to remove a shape from the inside of the cookie. Fill it with crushed hard candies (Jolly Ranchers work best). After baking, the melted candy becomes glass-like and makes for a pretty cookie and a sentimental homemade treat.

Get the recipe for Stained Glass Heart Cookies.

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