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Two New Internet Calendars for a Kinder, Healthier New Year

You probably use your calendar most to remember important appointments and events. But since you're already in the habit of checking it most days (if not every day), why not use your calendar to also remember the big picture important things, like being kind and getting healthy?

To make it easy for you, we worked with two organizations to bring you Internet Calendars of kindness ideas and healthy tips that you can add to your Cozi calendar in a snap.

Random Acts of Kindess Calendar

Get Random Acts of Kindness on Your Cozi CalendarYou've heard about "random acts of kindness," but you might not know that Random Acts of Kindness is actually a foundation that works to inspire people to practice kindness and pass it on to others. Sounds like something important to remember everyday, right? Lucky for us - they have an idea-a-day calendar so you can keep kindness top of mind!

What you get: Simple, actionable ideas to show kindness
Frequency of entries: Two each week on Tuesday and Thursday
Sample entries:
Leave a kind note for a friend or family member
Call an aunt or uncle
Donate used clothing
Thank a teacher or mentor

How to view these kindness ideas right on your Cozi calendar: Click this link -

Add the Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Your Cozi Calendar

(To learn more about the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, visit their website).

Healthy Mondays Calendar

Get Healthy Monday Tips on Your Cozi CalendarThe Monday Campaigns is an organization that uses the first day of the week to promote health and wellness. They like to say that every Monday is a new beginning, like a mini new year when you can start, or re-start, a healthy habit.

What you get: Simple tips for how to stay healthy and well plus more information about each tip in the appointment notes
Frequency of entries: One every Monday
Sample entries:
Jan 7: Make a doctor appointment to go over your health goals
Jan 28: Start a stress journal
March 4: Replace one or two processed foods with healthier whole foods

How to view these healthy tips right on your Cozi calendar: Click this link -

Add the Healthy Monday Tips to Your Cozi calendar

(To learn more about Healthy Mondays and all the Mondays Campaigns, visit their website.)

NOTE: Adding Internet calendars can be done using Cozi on your computer. At this time, Internet calendars cannot be added using your mobile device.


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