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Summer Fun

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Summer the Slacker Mom Way

by Michelle Lamar

Are you a slacker mom? If you don't have your kids enrolled in underwater basket weaving and French for toddlers, you're not alone. Slacker Mom Michelle Lamar believes unscheduled time is good for the soul and the imagination.

The topic today is the SUMMER ENRICHMENT of my precious children. I am on a rant about this topic as I am tired of the shocked whispers of other mothers when I inform them that I do not have my kids scheduled 24-7 in structured summer activities.

I am being bombarded by people that already have their children in 17 activities and lessons for the summer. God forbid I don't get my 12 year old into the soccer camp in June—she might not be able to keep up and play professional soccer in 7th grade!

It's going to be the end of the world if I don't get my 16 year old into that special math tutor because her SAT scores might not be good enough for an Ivy League college!

It is irritating that I am considered lazy or that I am depriving my kids by not providing them with a slew of activities for their "summer enrichment". Doing nothing is not EVIL. Being bored is not the worst thing in the world for kids.

I realize that kids can’t run wild like I did as a kid because I grew up when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Just ask my daughters, they’ll tell you about it.

But some parents over-schedule their kids during the summer because everyone else is doing it! Practical reasons aside, I vote for giving the kids more time to be kids.

I believe it’s important to do some of the stupid and useless activities that were part of my childhood—instead of keeping up the pace that is required of most modern children during the school year.

Here are a few items I think should be required for summer enrichment:

  • Collect bugs in Tupperware. They die. Have funeral. Collect more.
  • Make water balloons. Throw them at siblings.
  • Duct tape the brother of friend to the chair and paint his toenails.
  • Ding dong ditch the neighbors.
  • Make prank calls.
  • Dress up the dog/cat.

Before you call me a bad mom, think about all the time children used to have to do NOTHING.

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Michelle Lamar is a mom of two daughters, VP of Media at V3 Integrated Marketing and Editorial Director for

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