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Pre-Prom Party Tips

It’s prom season, and before your teens head out for the big night, they may want to host a pre-prom party with their friends. Here are some quick tips for throwing a spectacular to-do before they depart:

  • Decorate an area of the party room/home with balloons, streamers (your kids’ school colors would make a great color scheme), and strands of twinkle lights for couples to pose beneath for a glamorous picture!
  • Make sure to have party music all set to play. Plan your playlist ahead of time, make sure all the songs you want are downloaded, and have them in the order in which you want them to play.
  • Place disposable cameras around your party area so guests can capture pictures of everyone having fun together!A Special Prom
  • Set up a bathroom where girls can do last minute touch-ups. Outfit it with lotion, hairspray, floss, etc.—the basic essentials for primping.
  • Have a tray of breath mint packets at the front door for everyone to grab from as they depart your pre-prom party.
  • Serve up easy foods that won’t be messy, such as a cheese and cracker platter. Water crackers with fancy cheeses, such as Brie, will work quite well. Serve grapes too, or make fruit kebabs using wooden skewers. All of your favorites will do: berries, melon, grapes, kiwi, etc. Buy a baguette and serve it with the Brie or other delectable spreads. Serve cut veggies with a ranch dressing.
  • Set up a mock-tail bar and have someone (ideally a parent) make up frothy concoctions. Have fun buckets in the bar area filled with olives, sliced fruit, etc. that can be added to the drinks.
  • If you are serving a dessert, dress it up by sprinkling cocoa and powdered sugar directly on the plates.

Have a blast celebrating pre-prom!

-- Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs

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