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Online (and On-Device) Activities to Turn Screen-Time Into Time Well Spent

Are you making the most of your kids' screen time? With some gentle nudging (and with the help of some stellar apps and websites), your computers and devices can activate your kids' productivity and creativity.

A big thank you to Carley Knobloch, personal tech expert, TODAY Show contributor, and host of Digitwirl, who helped us come up with this list of A+ resources and activities.


The convenience of digital books is undeniable. You and your child can get instant access to tons of titles, and e-readers are super handy for roadtrips and family travel. If you're careful, you could even save money on books! (But based on our experience, it's pretty hard to pull that off.)

Your local library: They may offer free e-book checkouts, just like regular books - go to your local library website to check.

Project Gutenberg: Free e-book downloads in various formats (including Kindle) for books with expired copyrights -

Amazon lending library: Amazon Prime members get access to current bestsellers and popular novels like the Harry Potter series. Amazon Lending Library

Amazon FreeTime unlimited: Kindle Fire owners get access to books and entertainment for kids 3-8. By subscription - Amazon FreeTime unlimited


Don't consume, create!

iMovie: Especially fun when friends are involved in the acting, but the family pet will do - iMovie

ScribblePress: Lets kids exercise their inner author - ScribblePress

Jittergram: So fun, it's like making a mini flip book - Jittergram

KidsVuz: Kid-friendly, kid-safe, kid-made reviews and videos that you can create, share and rate - KidzVuz


There are tons of apps and websites to help kids learn a variety of subjects. Here are a few that we love:

BrainPop: Tim and his sidekick robot Moby cover an insanely comprehensive set of topics, and laugh along the way - Brain Pop

Khan Academy: Incredible resource for kids and adults for math, science, humanities, and more - Khan Academy

Codecademy: For older kids who want to get into learning how to program - Codecademy

Mind Snacks: App with fun games that help you learn languages - Mind Snacks website


Seeing kids get themselves organized is a beautiful thing. There are lots of productivity apps for adults, so why not introduce your child to tools that will prime them for keeping track of their own stuff?

Cozi Family Organizer: Our own calendar and list app is simple enough that kids can help keep the family organized - Cozi

My Homework App: Designed to help kids keep track of their assignments - fantastic idea! My Homework App

Share your ideas in the comments!

We'd love to hear what your kids are doing online and on your devices that promotes learning, creating or organizing.

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