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Spring Cleaning

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Need to Clean? 5 Fun Ways the Kids Can Help

Want to get the house deep cleaned and get the kids to help? Here are five legit (and fun) ways the kids can help you with the big clean-up jobs.

Refrigerator cleanout

Kids Chores - Refrigerator

What you do: Remove all food for a complete wipe down of the fridge shelves and drawers.

What the kids do: Find the expiration date on labels and sort out expired items and fuzzy foods.

Junk drawer makeover

Kids Chores - Junk Drawer

What you do: Empty and clean the drawer, replace items that belong.

What the kids do: Put toys and belongings in the right place, test the charge of stray batteries, throw away garbage, collect change and keep it!

Toy reduction

Kids Chores - Toys

What the kids do: Gather all random toys and trinkets around the house. Sort toys into two piles: 1. What I play with, 2. What I don't play with.

What you do: When the kids aren't home, recycle or throw away all the toys in pile #2 and half the toys in pile #1.

Wiping and Dusting

Kids Chores - Dusting

What you do: Prepare a spray bottle of mild/natural cleaner; dust shelves containing fragile items.

What the kids do: Use the spray bottle and washcloth to wipe windowsills, dust the top edge of the baseboards, wipe walls and door frames.

Paper clutter control

Kids Chores - Paper Clutter

What you do: Remove unnecessary files, old bills, magazines and phonebooks

What the kids do: Shred sensitive papers, carry paper trash to recycling bin

Get more ideas with our spring cleaning starter list and spring cleaning chore list for kids.

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