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Mothers Day

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Homemade Card and Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

The thing that moms want more than anything for Mother's Day (other than time to spend with the kids) is a homemade card or gift from the kids. That's from a 2012 Cozi survey of over 700 moms who chose (overwhelmingly) thoughtful kid-made crafts over store-bought gifts.

(To see all the survey results, go to our Guide to an Ideal Mother's Day for Mom.)

It's clear that what moms love most is that the kids are thinking about them while preparing the special picture or message, so the actual gift is not so important. But if you want some inspiration this Mother's Day, we gathered some fun and clever gift ideas you can make at home. And if you're a mom who loves getting these from the kids, don't be shy - email this article to your spouse or kids!

Mother's Day Homemade Gift Ideas 

  • Create a family logo. Draw it, paint it, make a collage, or a mix of all of these. (Would be especially cool to take a picture of this to use as your Cozi family account image or FB image.)
  • Hand-painted pottery
  • Hand prints on a photo book, a tablecloth and napkins, or a garden stone
  • Framed photo of mom and the kids

Mother's Day Card Ideas

  • Top 10 reasons my mom ROCKS!
  • Top 10 reasons my mom's the BEST!
  • Top 10 things I love about my mom
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Love note to Mom

Mother's Day Coupon Ideas

  • A week of doing the dishes
  • One full day of helping prepare, clean up and beautify her garden beds
  • One complimentary car cleaning, including crumbs under the car seat, window sticker removal, and all
  • Kids' promise no fighting for a day, redeemable at any time
  • Thirty minutes of silence, redeemabale at any time, including long car rides

More Mother's Day Craft Ideas on Pinterest!

We love Pinterest for kids' craft ideas, so we created a board to store all the great crafts we find for Mother's Day. Check it out!

Have you received an extra special craft or card from your kids? Share the idea in the comments!

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