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Getting Cozi on My Mac

If you arrived here searching for information on how to use Cozi together with Apple iCal, we have newer information about that here: How to Use Cozi with iCal and iCloud.

I must admit that when I first heard about Cozi and went to try it out, I was a little bummed to discover that there was no native Mac version. See, I'm a Mac devotee, from way back. I've never owned a PC, never want or intend to, and through the years I've felt the sting of being excluded from cool Windows-only software way too often.

Thankfully, Cozi Central's web interface goes a long way towards bringing our Mac-using tribe into the fold; for several months now, users don't need to rely on a PC for setup, no software needs to be downloaded and installed. But as yet, there are still a few features that aren't available to us - the most notable being the Cozi collage. What can I say, the images just captivate me (and drop my productivity level as I sometimes wait longer than I should to wake my screen up - but that's another story).

"But wait!" you say. "You're on a Mac! How are you using the Cozi collage feature?"

Ah, grasshopper... through the beauty of an intel-based MacBook and a lovely little 3rd-party application called Parallels that lets me run Windows, and all Windows applications . The newest version can even run in "coherence" mode, which blurs the lines between operating systems even more, hiding the Windows desktop entirely, so that applications appear on my Mac desktop and in my dock like any other Mac app.

It's like magic, really, and allows me to have the best of both worlds: my Mac and my Cozi collage too. While I'm not recommending you get a copy of Parallels just to run Cozi (though there are worse reasons!), it's something to keep in mind if you were already thinking about running Windows apps on your Mac.

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