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A Creepy Halloween Menu

At your upcoming Monster Mash, be sure to serve a creepy menu of Halloween snacks to your guests. It’s quite easy to transform ordinary, everyday snacks into ghoulish ones by simply renaming them. Write spooky names with chalk on heavy black cardstock and place next to each bowl of goodies:

  • Baked Skeleton Bones (pretzel sticks)
  • Bat Brains (popcorn)
  • Bloated Ants (raisins)
  • Boiled Lady Bugs (red jelly beans)
  • Braised Beetles (Milk Duds)
  • Candied Spider Eggs (gumdrops)
  • Cheesy Owl Eyes (puffed cheese balls)
  • Chocolate-Dipped Houseflies (chocolate-covered raisins)
  • Compressed Cobwebs (Chex or similar cereal)
  • Crumbled Bat Wings (blue corn chips)
  • Deep Fried Fingernails (Bugles snacks)
  • Dehydrated Dragon Wings (Doritos)
  • Dirty Shoelaces (black shoestring licorice)
  • Dried Seaweed (crispy chow mein noodles)
  • Earthworm Knots (miniature pretzel twists)
  • Flattened Slugs (corn chips)
  • Freeze-Dried Drops of Blood (Red Hots candies)
  • Ghost Guts (mini marshmallows)
  • Goblins’ Belly Button Lint Balls (M&Ms, any style)
  • Plops of Pigeon Poop (yogurt-covered raisins)
  • Rat Claws (shelled sunflower seeds)
  • Roasted Snack Eyes (peanuts)
  • Shredded Lizard Gizzards (coconut)
  • Splintered Turkey Bones (shoestring potato chips)
  • Toasted Cats’ Eyes (blanched almonds)
  • Vulture Toenails (candy corn)
  • Witches' Warts (chocolate chips)

Other yummy treats to make that are also quite festive include

  • Bat Wings: Using one dozen chicken wings, create a marinade using 1 cup soy sauce, 1/3 cup honey, 1 teaspoon ginger. Marinate overnight and grill or barbecue.
  • Chocolate Spiders: Melt some chocolate chips in the microwave. Add crispy chow mein noodles to the melted chocolate and combine. Spoon onto wax paper as little blobs, and add two mini M&Ms for eyes. Place in the fridge to cool.
  • Halloween Wands: Dip pretzel rods into melted chocolate and roll in orange and black sprinkles.
  • Rice Krispies Pumpkins: Add orange food coloring to Rice Krispies and make a batch of Rice Krispies Treats. When cool enough to handle, roll into balls and add faces. Use shoelace licorice for a mouth, a green gumdrop for the stem, mini M&Ms for the eyes, and a cinnamon candy for the nose!
  • Edible Swamp: Make a bowl of Jell-O and, before it sets, add in gummy worms, bugs, and fish for a swampy treat.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns: Toast English muffins, and add orange food coloring to cream cheese to make a “pumpkin” spread. Spread the cream cheese on the English muffins and have the kids make pumpkin faces with raisins.
  • Jell-O Jigglers: Make a batch of Jell-O Jigglers using orange and lime flavors. Use pumpkin, witch, and bat cookie cutters for a quick festive treat.
  • Scary Sugar Cookies: Use Halloween cookie cutters to create a batch of scary sugar cookies. Kids decorate these Halloween characters as a party activity.
  • Spooky Sandwiches: Halloween cookie cutters can also be used to cut out spooky sandwiches. Fill them with blackberry jam and cream cheese. Add chocolate chips for eyes!
  • Bugs in a Bowl: Serve a mix of popcorn and chocolate chips, and throw in all sorts of gummy candies, such as worms, spiders, etc.

Now, there’s a batty menu!

Lisa Kothari is a kids' party expert and owner of Peppers and Pollywogs, a web-based company all about kids' parties. Her book, Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Partie, answers all sorts of questions that come up when planning the big event.

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