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Cozi Shopping List Improvements!


For all of you who have asked for improvements to Cozi shopping lists, we’ve got good news for you. We’ve added significant new features to the shopping list feature of Cozi! These changes are in direct response to the feature requests we’ve received from Cozi families, and the improvements dramatically affect the way you use your Cozi lists.

One of the biggest changes is the ability to reorganize the order of your lists and select the list that’s featured on the home page of your Cozi online family calendar. Before, your lists were positioned in the order in which they were created. There was no way to reposition the lists or change the list that appeared in the shopping list section of your Cozi home page. With the improvements we’ve made, you can now move your lists around in any order you choose, and you can select which list is featured when you sign in to Cozi. For some, it will be a daily “to do” list, and for others it might be a grocery list. You can choose a particular list and leave it there, or change it frequently; it’s up to you!

To organize the order of your lists, sign in to your Cozi family organizer and click on the shopping list area. From there, you’ll see a line-up of all your grocery lists, with a More Lists menu on the right side of your screen. If you click this menu, you’ll see any additional lists you have in your account, with an option at the bottom to Organize Lists. With this option, you can reposition any of your lists within your shopping list section. The list you choose for the top slot will be the one that appears on your home page when you sign in to Cozi.

Another big change is the ability to reposition items within a list in the order you choose. Many Cozi users have told us they want to organize their grocery lists by aisle or food category, rather than be locked in to the order in which they enter the items. With the new changes, you may add items in any order you like, and reposition them in a different order later. Maybe you like to organize by aisle, but your husband likes a different view, with all the beverages listed together, and all the dry goods listed together. Depending on which one of you ends up doing the shopping, just move items around with a quick drag and drop to suit your taste.

Finally, we’ve made it easier to enter items on your shopping lists by adding an auto-complete feature. With this new feature, you can just start typing the item you want, and commonly entered items will appear as options. For example, typing "A" will generate a multitude of options, including apples, apple juice, apple sauce, asparagus, or aspirin. Select your item from the list, and move on to the next item. It’s that easy!

In addition to changes to the shopping list feature, we’ve also made other key improvements that many of you have requested, including a significant change to the printed version of your Cozi family calendar. When you print your monthly family planner, you’ll now see gridlines to separate the dates. You’ll also see improved contrast in the printed version of Cozi if you’re using a low-contrast monitor. Finally, the shopping list size has been adjusted so that you’re more likely to be able to print out lists on a single page.

Thanks for your help with these improvements! Your comments and suggestions have been critical in our ongoing improvements to Cozi, and we sincerely value your input. We welcome your continued feedback on any feature at any time at [email protected] Enjoy!

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